Silver Slice

A Slice of Life in the Northern Canton

The Northern Canton of the Kirinal Concordance Zone, popularly known as the Silver Slice, covers the northmost wedge of the circular Zone. It contains Chagroth's Tower which is considered to be the axis around which the world turns. From here, the Navigator of Worlds steers the Pit throughout the multiverse. The Silver Assembly governs this canton from the city of Tower Town.

The Silver Slice has some of the best dining and dancing in the known worlds. I've enjoyed meals and cut a rug 'til dawn in the Silver Gate District many a night. I recommend you stop by the Grotto for some cold drinks and hot music! They've recently changed ownership, but the new guys will still make sure you have a great time!

In the Northern Zone, known as the Silver Slice, mages, heroes, and lords assemble to balance their military and economic interests. Their combined efforts make this canton one of the richest and most vibrant in the Zone.

The father of the Concordance, Chagroth Durinhelm, also known as the Navigator of Worlds plots a course through the Great Wheel using the Orrery of Worlds.

The Northern Gate

The Northern Gate provides a controlled access point in and out of the northern edge of the Kirinal Pit.

On Days of Peace it serves as a routine checkpoint for the Zone Authority to scan ident-a-hedrons and goods coming in and out of the Manifest.

On Days of War, magical shields reinforce the barred Gate. The Eldritch Army stands ready to repel invaders and reinforce the wards.

Eldritch Knight at Chagroth's Tower by Gillian Galang

Eldritch Knight on the Pit Wall

Wherein Finder Numan returns from the multiverse with his prey.

I stand on the edge of reality in the mouth of the Northern Gate. I am all that lies between the chaos of the multiverse and the people that I protect.

On this day of Bifrost, the Pit opens into the void of the Astral Sea. Rainbows leap out to infinity. Those who wish can journey forth onto the Great Wheel. Some who are lost return home on the rainbow roads.

Finder Numan, Apprentice Kelly, & Mournmouth by Chris L - Heroforge

I hear the clink of spurs well before I can see him. I recognize the rhythm of his gait. Once again, the great Concordant Beacon Finder Shepherd Numan has returned from the Great Wheel with his quarry. The Soulforged Finder walks while the returned Kirinalo rides Shepherd's enormous beast.

"I see you Finder Numan. I greet you in the name of the Concordance!"

"And I see you Sir Gyffard, Eldritch Knight of the Tower! I see you doing that thing where you think that you're all that stands between the Zone and mass chaos! It's not as serious as all that good sir knight!"

"I congratulate you, on another successful bounty! Irregardless of my commendation, the diviners must needs scan you for contamination and brain parasites."

"Always a stickler for protocol Sir Gyff! Regardless of your fancy speechifying, I'm going to need a hot oil bath and some mineral spirits before the day is through!"

Kirinal Concordance Zone

The Kirinal Concordance Zone was created around the Kirinal Pit to act as a buffer zone to defend against interplanar invasions. The Pit is a 30-mile hole in reality that chaotically manifests a different world or plane at random times.

Eventually, the people of Erathia tamed the Pit, setting it on a schedule so that an ordered succession of planes would appear over the Days of the Week.

Chagroth's Tower

The massive Chagroth's Tower stands directly on the edge of the Pit and next to the Northern Gate. This military base is one of the Eight Fortresses that guard the world from an invasion out of the Kirinal Pit. It houses the Eldritch Army that mans the Northern Zone of the Pit Wall.

Also known as the Axis of the World, it contains the Orrery that directs the Kirinal Pit's destination on the Great Wheel of the multiverse.

At dawn, all eyes turn to the Tower as it flashes with arcane magic and summons the day's new Manifest.

Chagroth's Tower by Gillian Galang

Apprentice of the Orrery

Hence Finder Numan checks in at the Orrery of Worlds

I am deep in the mechanism of the Orrery itself, adjusting dials and oiling gears. In a few hours, the great artifact will come to life and I am glad that my small contributions help it run smoothly.

I hum happily to myself with my spanner in one hand and a can of arcano-fluid in the other.

"Oi, Apprentice Kelly!" an orc-blood Journeyman yells out from the Chamber Floor. "There's a bigwig 'ere to see ya!"

I slide out and rappel down two stories to the floor. Finder Numan waits below, his metal skin gleaming in the bright lights of the Orrery Chamber.

He sees me and his stern ceramic face cracks in a grin. "Well Apprentice Kelly, that was quite an adventure!"

I rush over and reach up to grab his hand. "Finder Numan! I can't thank you enough for coming to that bug world to get me! I thought I was creepy-crawly food for sure!"

The Finder's enormous metal mitt engulfs my tiny halfling hand. "No thanks needed Orrery Apprentice. It's all part of the job and the Concordance pays me well!"

"Please Finder, after all we went through, call me Kelly!"

"And after pulling me out of that maggot pit, you can call me Shepherd." With a wink the soulforged Finder heads out the door. "Watch out for hidden hives next time you're in the Manifest! I really don't want to come pull you out of one again!"

Orrery Apprentice Kelly by Chris L - Heroforge

Tower Town

Tower Town is the Silver Slice's capital and home of the Silver Assembly. Like the other "Embassy Cities", it sits five miles out from its associated fortress on the Pit's edge and inside the Inner Ring.

Tower Town was founded to service the troops in Chagroth's Tower. It is full of young spellcasters and warriors freshly graduated from Wizard's Peak University and the Assemby's other military academies.

The city bursts with creative energy, the finest minds in the world come here to join maharlitech research labs or to fight with combat wizard guilds.

The famous Silver Gate entertainment district is famed throughout the multiverse for its restaurants, art galleries, and dance halls.

Ethereal Eats in Silver Gate

Thereupon Finder Numan stops for a bite

When I wake up this morning and wash my face, the frog spirit that lives in my washbowl he's waiting for me. He tells me, "Shepherd is coming for lunch."

I ask, "Is Shepherd coming or going?", but the little frog, he already jump out the window.

So I go downstairs to my restaurant, Ethereal Eats, and I have my nephews and my nieces start preparing for breakfast and lunch.

Myself, I make pandesal, ube bibingka, and tap-silog.

Then I put on a welding mask and heavy gloves and I go into my soulforged kitchen. I mix obsidian with steel wool and I fold it with charcoal. I prepare a cake of acid paste and spent hex crystal decorated with rusty nails. I make a cocktail of lemon juice and mineral oils. Then I plate everything with candied clam shells.

Just as I put away my protective gears, my friend Shepherd, he comes in the door.

Tita Molly, Owner of Ethereal Eats by Chris L - Heroforge

"Hoy, Shepherd!", I say, "A little frog tell me you're coming today, but I don't know if you're coming or going! So I make both meals for you!"

My friend laughs and smiles, "Tita Molly! You don't have to go through all that trouble! You can wait until I'm actually here to take my order!"

"Is okay, Shepherd! You eat the one you want and I'll give you baon! If you're leaving, I want you to have lots of metal and minerals so you're nice and powerful! If you're going home, I want you to remember that we all love you!"

Spellhaven Station

The town of Spellhaven Station grew up around the eponymous railroad terminal on the Outer Ring.

These Outer Ring towns were founded by people who want the benefits of living in the Zone without the downside of "big city life." They provide a close-knit vibe while still being near the propsperous jobs by the Pit.

Spellhaven also guards the border between the Zone and the Kirinal Wastes. The residents of "the Haven" keep an eye out for monsters and raiders living in the untamed badlands.

They are more than capable of repelling all but the worst threats.

A Child on the Outer Ring

Finally Finder Numan arrives home

Concordant Finder, Shepherd Numan by Chris L - Heroforge

Mama told me that Papa would be home tonight and I've been waiting on the porch since lunchtime for him.

"Lira, honey" says Mama, "you waiting on the porch won't make Papa come home any faster! He buzzed me on the hedron this morning and he's getting here as fast as he can!"

"I know Mama, but I like it when I see Papa and old Mournmouth coming up the road! I finished all my chores and all my schoolwork! Is it ok if I just sit here on the swing and wait?"

"It should be fine, just look out for the bats! They say there's a swarm of really big ones coming out of the Wastelands."

"I ain't scared of no bats Mama!", I yell over my shoulder.

"But what about bugs that could eat you up in one bite?", said a voice in my ear. I scream and I pee in my pants a little. Papa snuck up on me!

I jump off the swing and turn to my Papa. His metal arms are strong and warm and he lifts me up and spins me around. "Did you bring me anything Papa?"

"You wouldn't want anything from the world I went to, but I did bring you some fresh ube bibingka from Tita Molly!"

Lira Numan by Chris L - Heroforge
Location under
Owning Organization
Kirinal Concordance Zone
Geographic Location | Aug 31, 2023

The neutral zone around the Kirinal Pit. It's divided into 8 allied squabbling city-states.

Silver Assembly
Organization | Sep 20, 2023

Mages and artificers stand at the forefront of the magitech revolution in the most advanced of the Zones.

Chagroth's Tower
Building / Landmark | Mar 9, 2024

The Navigator of Worlds conducts the Pit through the multiverse. Every morning, the Divers determine if it's a day of war or peace.

Eldritch Army
Military Formation | Mar 5, 2024

Also called Chagroth's Army, the military force based at Chagroth's Tower mixes magic and military power.

Tower Town
Settlement | Nov 3, 2023

A city of young mages burning with creative, romantic, and arcane energy. It serves the needs of Chagroth's Tower.

Cover image: Silver Slice Header by Chris L


Author's Notes

I'm trying out some "slice of life" prose in this article. Any comments or suggestions would be welcome. I'm interested in getting the story to flow a little better.

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