On The Kirinal Pit, when the Manifest arrives, the Surveyor of Worlds determines if the new plane that has appeared is inhabited or not. If it isn't, a Harvest Day is declared and a quota of the resources permitted for extraction is declared. That is when the salvagers go to work.


By nature, salvagers must develop the general skills of fishers, loggers, miners, croppers, hunters, and every other type of resource gatherer known. They don't know what type of terrain, with what resources, may appear in the Manifest and they have to be prepared for all of them.

Harvest Day

Harvest days usually come on Prime, Elemental, and Shatter. Prime and Shatter are the two random days of the week. On Shatter, any plane from the Great Wheel or beyond can Manifest. On Prime, it's a piece of another mortal world. Elemental is negotiated with the rulers of the Elemental planes. If the Manifest is devoid of sophonts and full of resources, the Salvagers go to work.

Salvager Guilds

Salvagers are organized into competing guilds. It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to prepare for a Harvest and the salvagers pool their resources to afford the equipment necessary for their job. On a Harvest Day, they race to bring in the quota.

Prepared for Anything

The salvager guilds have hangars in each of the Embassy Cities of the Zone. Every night before a potential harvest, prep squads make sure that all of the equipment is ready for any eventuality.

The Salvager Rules

Done by dawn.

The Pit manifests a new plane every day at dawn. If you're still in it when the sun breaks the horizon, you'll go back to the original plane with the Manifest.

Follow the quota.

The *authorities* set a quota for how many resources can be extracted. The Concordant authorities do not want to cause accidental extinctions, so they set a limit on how many plants or animals can be harvested from the Manifest. They are less concerned with mineral and non-living resuorces, and at those times, they may declare an unlimited quota.

Leave no trace.

When the Manifest returns to its origin, anything left from our world can be used as a beacon to find us. (?)

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