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Tortoise Conclave

The Tortoise Conclave is an alliance of mostly dwarven nations that is a signatory of the Concordance for Survival. They govern the northeastern Canton of the Kirinal Concordance Zone. They are renowned for their mastery of maharlitech, which leads to their magical and technological advancements. They are comprised of two powerful dwarf kingdoms (Nathal-nalir and Dalad-Zuraz), a prosperous halfling nation (The Warmshires), and a formidable warrior nation from the east (Ural).

Building the Shell

The Conclave's claim to their slice comes from the dwarves of the Kingdom of Nathal-nalir's and the Warmshires' membership in the Sovranty of Lozar. The Kirinal Pit lies entirely within the borders of Lozar and the constituent lands that made up the larger nation were given first rights when the Concordance was formed. They sought out like-minded nations to join with them to form their alliance and they chose Dalad-Zuraz and Ural.

Faced with the challenges of the Kirinal Pit, the Lozarians and their allies formed the Concordance for Survival. These nations recognized the need for solidarity if the world was going to survive in the chaos of the Pit. These nations formed the Conclave with the goal of fostering mutual support and the advancement of arcano-tech innovation.

Conclave Nations


One of the two mighty dwarf kingdoms in the Conclave, Nathal-nalir, is known for its expertise in hex crystal technologies and powerful enchantments. Their mastery of magic-infused metals and weapons has earned them a formidable reputation in the Conclave.


The second dwarf kingdom, Dalad-Zuraz, complements Nathal-nalir with its skilled tinkers and masters of artificery. Their contributions to the alliance include groundbreaking technologies, advanced airships, and the development of soulforged prosthetics.

The Warmshires

The halfling nation of The Warmshires brings a rich tradition of agricultural knowledge and prosperity to the Conclave. They provide crops and foodstuffs for the Zone and Conclave. Their Crow Riders are acknowledged as some of the best scouts amongst the Kirinal Defenders.


Hailing from the eastern lands on the Sea of Hammers, the warriors of Ural bolster the Conclave's strength with their combat prowess and strategic acumen. Millenia of conflict has made them some of the best soldiers in the world.

Skarhir Kos, Fortress of the Hex Crystal Battalion

The formidable Skarhir Kos sits on the northeastern edge of the Kirinal Pit. Led by the valiant Prince Duri Ironspike, the Lord Commander of Skarhir Kos, the dwarves have created an impregnable bastion that has never been breached by invaders. The dark stone of the fortress defiantly challenges forces from any world to dash themselves against its walls.

Within it stands the Hex Crystal Battalion, an elite military force renowned for its mastery of maharlitech and use of hex crystals in warfare. Outfitted with exotic metal armor and weapons empowered by hex crystals, these soldiers gain enhanced abilities and durability on the battlefield. They are proud of their cutting-edge technology and military prowess.

The Tortoise, the City That Rolls

This marvel of dwarvish engineering and maharlitech, this mobile city sits on a 20-mile long track that gets closer to or farther from the Kirinal Pit according to the level of threat. It's a hub of hex crystal production and innovation. The dwarves have plans to eventually free the Tortoise from the confines of its rails.

Maharlitech Revolution

The Tortoise Conclave thrives on collaboration and the exchange of knowledge. Within its borders, dwarves, halflings, tortles, and humans work together, embracing their array of skills and differing perspectives. Scholars, inventors, and spellcasters constantly experiment with combining magic and technology, resulting in groundbreaking discoveries like psychic beer, totemic gravity drives, and soulforged accessories.

The Grags Who Keepers of Lore

An integral part of the Tortoise Conclave's society is the Grags, responsible for interpreting what is truly dwarvish and guiding the alliance in matters of tradition and culture. They delve deep into the realms of knowledge, seeking hidden truths and understanding the nuances of dwarven history.

Challenges and Threats

The alliance faces numerous challenges, from maintaining harmony amidst cultural differences to dealing with external threats. One such challenge was the emergence of the Myconid Matriarch, an awakened mushroom with multiple personalities.

Influence of Hex Crystals

The Tortoise Conclave's impact extends beyond its borders. Its innovations, such as maharlitech and skyships, have left a mark on the entire world of Erathia. Scholars and traders from distant lands travel to the Conclave in search of knowledge and cutting-edge technologies. The wealth brought to them by their monopoly on hex crystal has made them wealthy beyond the imagining of their cousins in the mountains.

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