Winter's Voice

Winter's Voice is a powerful and unlikely alliance that emerged amidst the chaos and devastation caused by the second Kirinal Catastrophe and the War Against the Far Realm. Comprising the Empire of Borthakar, Ta-Arma, and the Alian Tribes, Winter's Voice has proven to be a formidable force dedicated to defending their world from extraplanar threats.

Answering the Invitation

In the year 3040, when the Kirinal Pit erupted, unleashing invasions from hostile dimensions, the world faced imminent peril. Seeking aid, the de facto Commander of the Lozarian Forces Chagroth Durinhelm sent an "Invitation To My Enemies" to the Empire of Borthakar, the Alian Tribes, and the nation of Kiris. To everyone's astonishment, these former foes responded to the plea and chose to fight alongside their erstwhile adversaries.

Founding of the Concordance

After the events known as The Latrine Crusade, the orcs and barabarians formed the surprise alliance that was known as Winter's Voice. They were given charge of the Northwestern Canton of the New Kirinal Concordance Zone, a neutral territory surrounding the Kirinal Pit. They built their fortess, the Bastion of Borthakar and their "Embassy City" which they called Mended Axe. Their fortress, one of eight, became pivotal strongholds in the Concordant mission to protect their world from the relentless onslaught of interplanar invaders.

The Bonds of Battle

The warriors of Winter's Voice, once bitter enemies, found common ground and mutual respect as they fought side by side to repel the invading hordes from other worlds. Over the years, they honed their skills and devised cunning strategies, learning to trust one another in the crucible of battle.

A Network of Northern Nations

Winter's Voice brings together diverse cultures and traditions. The Empire of Borthakar, known for its orcish might and martial prowess, stands alongside Ta-Arma, whose wyvern-mounted Venom Knights add a fierce aerial advantage to the alliance. The Alian Tribes, including the Bear Tribe, Orca Tribe, and Ongvir Horde, contribute distinctive Barbarian hordes, reflecting the rage of the northern raiding tribes.

The Code of Cold

The warriors of Winter's Voice abide by the "Code of Cold." They have put aside past grievances for the greater good. Their camaraderie and shared struggle against the Pit's horrors have led to a fierce loyalty that transcends past enmity. Chagroth Durinhelm's famous words, "We are not friends. We are not allies. I do not trust you. But our survival depends on us fighting together," resonate as a testament to their unconventional unity.

Detente and Defenders

The Concordance for Survival was founded to formalize the alliance between Winter's Voice and the other nations and powers of Western Krosia. This treaty of mutual protection ensures cooperation against interplanar incursions while granting the individual cantons within the Kirinal Concordance Zone considerable autonomy in internal matters.

The Legacy of Winter's Voice

Winter's Voice stands as a testament to the transformative power of unity and shared purpose. From being former adversaries, the alliance has evolved into a formidable force that actively defends their world from the Pit's dangers. They serve as an inspirational example of cooperation and survival in the face of overwhelming adversity.

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