Chagroth Durinhelm

The "Wizard" in the World of Wizard's Peak.

Archmage Chagroth Durinhelm (a.k.a. The Navigator) (he/him)

During a break in his studies, the journeyman wizard hikes the Silver Range alone. One morning, as Chagroth practices levitation, wild magic surges through him and pulls him bodily to the peak of a mountain. After an age of hibernation, Wizard's Peak has found its master.

Chagroth Durinhelm is the ur-wizard in the World of Wizard's Peak. He is centuries old now, considered the most powerful being on Erathia, and prevents his Ascendancy through force of will alone.

As the Navigator of Worlds, he stands in Chagroth's Tower steering the Kirinal Pit through the worlds and planes of the Great Wheel. He seeks the safest path for the world he loves and the people he has taken responsibility for.

Chagroth Durinhelm in front of his tower.
Archmage Chagroth Durinhelm by Dylon Briones

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The story of the Archmage Chagroth Durinhelm IS the history of Erathia for the last 250 years. Without him, there would be no Erathia.

Early Years

Chagroth Durinhelm was born in 2971 to Mical and Sulara Durinhelm. Mical was a Warrior of the Order of Tridensers, a former companion of the Ruby Knight, F'Tor, one of the Eternal Paladins. He eventually entered the minor nobility and bought a large house in Kirinal. Sulara was a sorceress of some power. She died when Chagroth was 12.

Chagroth apprenticed under Kaya Trillian when he was 13 and completed his apprenticeship to her at the age of 18. He then enrolled in Kirinal's Magus College and split his time between minor adventuring and school for the next four years.

Chagroth, Magus College Student by Chris L

In 2992, he left Magus College as a fifth level mage and began his adventuring career in earnest. From 2992 to 2998, he travelled most of the known world and several different dimensions with a variety of different companions. He is known to have spent several years in the desert kingdoms beyond the Vitran Sea as a companion and student of the Arch-Mage Martek.

Towards the end of this time, he met and married his wife, Bianca, also a mage. His travels eventually brought him home to Lozar, where, through a combination of money, family favors from the Ruby Knight and services to the Tridenser King, Chagroth bought the title Count of Wizard's Peak. The title gave him control of Wizard's Peak, an inhospitable mountain in the Silver Range in Northern Lozar, along with the surrounding valley and some of the surrounding terrain.

Chagroth Excavating Wizard's Peak by Chris L

Taming Wizard's Peak

In 2998, Chagroth began digging into the stone of Wizard's Peak itself to make his home and the beginnings of what would one day be a great university.

In 2999, Chagroth and Bianca's twin daughters, Serena and Ariana, were born. They were followed in 3001 by Chagroth's son, Mikaal.

The Lichwars began far to the east in lands far from Lozar, but in the year 3000, the Lich-King of Safara arrived on the borders of Lozar.

After repeated attacks on Kirinal, Lozar's capital city, King T'Kor decided to set up a secret training ground and staging area for Lozar's warriors and mages. Wizard's Peak's remote location and the existence of teleportation circles maintained by Chagroth and his mages made it the logical choice. T'kor named Chagroth Duke of the Silver Range and provided him with the funds and manpower to expand his academy into a university.

Founding of Wizard's Peak University & the Lichwars

Soon, the small academy that Chagroth had established, became the largest school for mages and warriors in Western Krosia, although it's location and purpose were kept mostly secret. For safety's sake, many of the teachers and most of the books and materials from Chagroth's old school in Kirinal, Magus College, were moved to Wizard's Peak University. A small city, eventually known as Magus Valley, grew up in the valley surrounding WPU to meet the needs of the soldiers and mages training at the University.

The Disintegration of Kirinal

The battle between Lozar and her allies and the Lich King's hordes finally ended in 3005. The last battle of the Lichwars took place on the streets of Kirinal. The mightiest magics of both sides were unleashed and the intermingling of forces resulted in an explosion that wiped Kirinal off the face of the planet. The Disintegration of Kirinal left a hole of wild magic ten miles wide and two miles deep.

Chagroth's older sister Shiarra, also a mage, was a member of the Lozarian forces at Kirinal. She and Mical Durinhelm perished during the Disintegration.

The explosion darkened the sky for a year and a half and sent surges of wild magic racing across the planet for many months. Thousands of beings died random deaths as the uncontrollable energies shot out of the earth or from the sky. Chagroth's wife, Bianca, was one of the first to die from the surges in the yearlong winter known as The Year of Darkness and Flames - 3005.

The Lozarian Succession Wars

After a thousand years of rule beneath the Tridenser King, dozens of factions arose to seek the throne. Of the four lords who eventually became the forerunners for the crown, Lord Vasilius, Baron Meinke, Duke Redoak and Sir Borland, Chagroth supported Lord Vasilius. When it became clear that the paladin, Lord Vasilus would be the next King of Lozar, Duke Redoak secretly sent assassins to dispatch his rival.

As he journeyed to New Kirinal, formerly Taristrae, to be crowned, Lord Vasilius and his retinue were slaughtered. Chagroth's younger brothers, the paladin Lioquar and the ranger Kire, were Vasilus' personal bodyguards. They were the last to be cut down before Vasilius himself was put to the sword. The only person to survive was Kire, he was left for dead beneath the bodies of his brother and his lord.

Chagroth, suspecting foul play when Vasilius did not arrive in New Kirinal, began searching for his brothers and found them three days after the attack. He revived Kire and together they buried the bodies of Vasilius, his followers and their brother Lioquar. Kneeling on his brothers grave, Kire vowed vengeance on his brother's killers.

When Vasilius failed to arrive in New Kirinal for his coronation, Redoak declared himself king and was immediately contested on that fact by Meinke and Borland and Vasilius' supporters. When Chagroth arrived and announced Vasilius' assassination, fighting broke out on the streets of Kirinal between Redoak's forces and those of Meinke and Borland. Thus, began the Lozarian Succession Wars. The year was 3006.

Chagroth refused to take sides during the Succsession Wars. None of the remaining claimants to the throne was clearly better than the others to Chagroth. The Lichwars had already taken his wife, his sister and his father. The opening battle of the Succession Wars had taken his brother. Instead, Chagroth forbade any troops from entering his domain, the Duchy of Silver Range, and he focused on rebuilding roads and towns ravaged during the Lichwars and minimizing the damage caused by the Succession Wars. There were some who urged Chagroth to seek the crown for himself and end the conflict, but he always refused.

In 3008, Meinke was killed in battle and only Borland was left to fight Redoak. Redoak and his wealthy patrons had begun hiring mercenaries, including some humanoid troops, and the Lozarian populace began to turn against him. Unfortunately, Redoak's better equipped and more numberous forces looked as if they were going to beat Borland's smaller force of Lozarian nationals.

Eventually, Borland went to Wizard's Peak to meet with Chagroth. He won Chagroth over to his side with proof that Redoak had engineered the assassination of Vasilius. Kire, who had suspected Redoak, finally had the proof he needed and began making preparations of his own.

With the mages of Wizard's Peak University on his side, Borland began winning more battles and the remnants of Meinke's and Vasilius' forces joined him. However, the war finally came to an end with a whimper instead of a bang. Kire snuck into Redoak's tent on the anniversary of his brother's death in the year 3009 and killed Redoak in his sleep. He discovered the plans for Vasilius' death among Redoak's belongings and spent the next few months tracking and killing everyone who had participated in the attack, including the planners and the assassins themselves. In doing so, Kire gave up his status as a ranger and as a Knight of the Tridenser. After his final revenge killing, he was last seen on a boat to the tropical nation of Andin in the southeast.

The Interregnum

With the death of their leader and wage-payer, Redoak's forces quickly surrendered and Borland was crowned the first new King of Lozar for a thousand years in 3009.

With the end of the Succession Wars, Chagroth was named Councilor Arcane of Lozar, a title he still holds today. In this capacity, Chagroth is responsible for overseeing the use of magic in Lozar and for patrolling the Kirinal Pit.

He spent the years since the Succession Wars helping to bring Lozar back into prominence as the major trading and military power on the Talinian Ocean and the Vitran Sea. Wizard's Peak University is also gaining prominence as the finest magical school in the known world.

Archmage Chagroth Durinhelm, Councilor Arcane of Lozar by Chris L

With King Borland's death in the Northern Border Conflicts of 3021, the country could have quickly fallen into civil war again. However, quick action from Chagroth and the other Royal Counselors averted this through the installation of a regent, Lord Darian an old warrior with no heirs and no real interest in keeping the throne.

Chagroth has agents, overt and covert, throughout Lozar, the countries of Western Krosia and the desert lands across the Vitran Sea. His intelligence network is almost the equal of the one that Darian inherited when he became regent. Most of the mages in Lozar under the age of 40 have attended WPU and owe some allegiance, direct or indirect to Chagroth.

The War Against the Far Realm

Chagroth was instrumental in the defense of Erathia during the War Against the Far Realms. At this time he stepped down as Chancellor of WPU to oversee the arcane defense against the Far Realm while also trying to bring the Pit under control.

The Orrery of Worlds

Decades of work and experimentation culminated in the creation of the Orrery of Worlds. This tool finally brought the Kirnial Pit under control, allowing for a new flowering of civilization and culture in the Kirinal Concordance Zone.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Founding of Wizard's Peak University.

Helping to end the Lozarian Succession Wars

Taming the Kirinal Pit

Holding together the defense of the world together during the Kirinal Explosion.

The Concordance for Survival Treaty

Building the Orrery of Worlds

Becoming the Navigator of Worlds

Failures & Embarrassments

The loss of the first WPU Campus and the deaths of his wife and youngest child.

Standing aside during the beginning of the Lozarian Succession War.

Allowing Dolgathan to absorb power from the Kirinal Pit.

The second Kirinal Catastrophes, the Kirinal Explosion.

Personality Characteristics


The defense of the world, the dissemination of arcane knowledge, the health and well being of House Durinhelm.


Family Ties


Caleb Durinhelm

Great Nephew (Vital)

Towards Chagroth Durinhelm


Chagroth Durinhelm

Great Uncle (Important)

Towards Caleb Durinhelm


Chagroth Durinhelm


Towards Bianca Casis

Bianca Casis


Towards Chagroth Durinhelm

Neutral Good
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles

Archmage. Founder and Chancellor Emeritus of Wizard's Peak University. Duke Emeritus of Duchy of Silver Range. Knight Commander of the Order of Tridensers, Navigator of Worlds

Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
21st of Uthromber, 2970 FA
Year of Birth
2971 FA 251 Years old
Bianca Casis (spouse)
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Dark brown
Short, neat black hair.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
180 lbs
Aligned Organization

Cover image: by Chris L
Character Portrait image: Portrait of Chagroth Durinhelm by Chris L - Heroforge

Chagroth Durinhelm

20 Level (355000/355000 XP for level-up) Inheritor Background Variant Human Race / Species / Heritage Neutral Good Alignment
Level 20
Hit Dice: 20/20
1d6+2 Class 1

Hit Points
Initiative (DEX)
Armor Class
Prof. Bonus
Speed (walk/run/fly)
+12 Expertise Bonus
+6 Proficiency Bonus
+0 Strength
+3 Dexterity
+2 Constitution
+10 Intelligence
+7 Wisdom
+2 Charisma
saving throws
+3 Acrobatics DEX
+1 Animal Handling WIS
+10 Arcana INT
+0 Athletics STR
+2 Deception CHA
+10 History INT
+1 Insight WIS
+2 Intimidation CHA
+10 Investigation INT
+1 Medicine WIS
+4 Nature INT
+1 Perception WIS
+2 Performance CHA
+2 Persuasion CHA
+10 Religion INT
+3 Sleight of Hand DEX
+3 Stealth DEX
+7 Survival WIS
  Name Roll Attr Dmg Dmg Type
Chagroth's Katar of Absorption, +3 +9 DEX 1d4+3 Piercing
 Finesse, Light, Thrown
Instant Fortress, Ring of Mind Shielding, Robe of the Archmagi, Tome of Clear Thought, Ring of Earth Elemental Command, Orrery of the Wanderer, Chagroth's Katar of Absorption +3
Equipment Copper: 0, Silver: 0, Electrum: 0, Gold: 0, Platinum: 0 Money
Common, Celestial, Dwarvish
Languages & Proficiences

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