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Lost Kirinal

Once the capital city of the Kingdom of Sovranty of Lozar. It was destroyed in the first of the Kirinal Catastrophes, the Disintegration. It's citizens became the Dead of Kirinal, trapped by the eldritch energies that destroyed the city and unable to move on to the afterlife that they had earned.

Most residents of the current Kirinal Concordance Zone forget the simple fact that the ruins of the city are doomed to travel the multiverse. The blasted 30-mile wide circle that used to be Kirinal takes the place of whatever the Manifest is in the Pit that day.

Few Kirinalos have made the extraplanar journey to that blasted ruin. Those that have report an ashy disc of wasted rubble. The buildings and inhabitants are long gone, blasted away by its daily journey through a multiverse of inhospitable worlds and planes. Any life that tries to take hold when it visits a plentiful world is quickly destroyed by elemental fire or the inevitable stop in a vaccuum or a random realm of madness.



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