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Empire of Safara

Centuries ago, the armies of Safara, led by the Lich King, conquered most of the known world. Since the Lich King's defeat, Safara has been a chaotic cauldron of battles between petty warlords and self-proclaimed Overkings.

The Safaran people are composed of an alliance of militaristic hobgoblins and warrior humans. They have slowly pulled themselves back into fighting form and seek to reclaim their former glory.

Quietly and without much fanfare, they have become the dominant nation in Eastern Krosia once again. But their lack of access to the magic and technology of the Kirinal Pit leads the other nations into underestimating them. They plot and they plan to become a world power again.

The Castes of Safara

Safara exists under a strict caste system that divides the races into different categories. There is little chance of changing your status in the caste status. Only extraordinary achievment, usually on the battlefield, or the will of the gods can change your caste.


The highest caste can be held only by humans and hobgoblins. Those born into Safaran nobility are the only ones who can own land, hold high rank in the military, and become high priests in their temples.


Priests and magicians are usually of noble blood. Some of the lower castes can aspire to be priests, but they are still beneath anyone with noble blood.


The highest caste that any of the "lower" races can aspire to. The best goblins, many humans, and most bugbears fill out the warrior class. Feeding and maintaining the armies of Safara take precedence over all other considerations.


Merchants, traders, and craftsmen make up this class. They make deals and build weapons for the warriors.


Entire nations of "lesser" folk labor as farmers. Human, goblin, and halfling slaves serve at the mercy of the higher castes. They exist only to provide food and supplies for the armies.

The Fodder

Beneath even the Laborers, goblins, kobolds, and the poorest humans make up the fodder. They perform the dirtiest most menial tasks. In times of war, they are given weapons of poor quality and used as a buffer to protect higher caste trooops.

"Let them tire their arms on the Fodder." is a common Safaran phrase.

We were, we are, we will be.

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