Silver Assembly

The Silver Assembly is the governing body of the Northern Canton of the Kirinal Concordance Zone. The Northern Canton or Zone is most commonly called the Silver Slice. Made up of a grouping of mages, artificers, scholars, influential houses, and merchants, the Assembly administrates the affairs of the Canton, Tower Town, the Northern Gate, and Chagroth's Tower.

As the home of the Orrery of Worlds and the Navigator of Worlds, the Assembly holds great influence over the other members of the Concordance.

Members of the Silver Assembly

When the Concordance was first formed, these nations and organizations united together under the direct leadership of Chagroth Durinhelm. All of these groups were founded by the Navigator of Worlds or tied to him in some manner. They carry on in his name as he leads the great work of choosing the Manifest every dawn.

Structure of the Assemblage

Each member of the Assembly appoints a representative, by various means, to speak for them. Together, the Assembly deliberates on internal matters pertaining to governance of the Northern Canton. They also choose a "Silver Chancellor" from their number who sits on the Council of Eight, the governing body of the Zone.

The Assembly meets monthly to deliberate, debate, and conduct government business. Chagroth himself stays out of their business as he is preoccupied with navigating the world along the Great Wheel. Although he has no formal role in the Assembly, they have been known to bow to his will if has to take an interest in matters of the Zone.

Influence and Relationships

Within the Concordance, the Silver Assembly usually finds itself most closely aligned with the Kirinal Council (Western Canton) and the Oath of Anam (Eastern Canton). These other two Cantons represent the bulk of Lozar within which the Zone is located. They usually agree with the Tortoise Conclave and Thaya's Vindicators on most, but not all matters. They have a non-hostile rivalry with Winter's Voice and are often completely opposed to the High Table and the Magister's Dominion.

For the Founder, Together We Thrive

Founding Date
Political, Confederation
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities
Silver Slice
Geographic Location | Mar 9, 2024

The Northern Canton of the Zone is more commonly known as the Silver Slice. It's governed by followers of Chagroth Durinhelm and/or organizations founded by him.

Chagroth's Tower
Building / Landmark | Mar 9, 2024

The Navigator of Worlds conducts the Pit through the multiverse. Every morning, the Divers determine if it's a day of war or peace.

Eldritch Army
Military Formation | Mar 5, 2024

Also called Chagroth's Army, the military force based at Chagroth's Tower mixes magic and military power.

Tower Town
Settlement | Nov 3, 2023

A city of young mages burning with creative, romantic, and arcane energy. It serves the needs of Chagroth's Tower.

Diplomatic Relations

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