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Chagroth's Tower

The Axis of the World

Just before first-light a million expectant eyes watch the Tower on the northern edge of the Pit. As Shatter dawns, the Face of the Orrery and the Pit itself flash with synchronized bursts of color. The smell of ozone covers the Zone and the world bends towards the Tower. The sun breaks the horizon and a new world thunderously Manifests in the Pit.

Chagroth’s Tower stands on the northern edge of the Kirinal Pit and the whole world revolves around it. The Tower is named for the Navigator of Worlds, the archmage Chagroth Durinhelm.

He stands in his tower navigating the world through the power of the Orrery of Worlds. He does not have the time or attention to actually rule his domain. He leaves that to the Silver Assembly which rules the Northern Canton of the Kirinal Concordance Zone in his name.

The Tower serves three purposes. First, and most importantly, it houses the Navigator and the Orrery, making it the most important building in the world. Without them, the Zone would be plunged into a constant cycle of extraplanar invasions and Far Realm intrusions. Secondly, it's the main fortress for the Eldritch Army that stands on the northern edge of the Pit Wall in defense of the world on Days of War. Lastly, it guards the Northern Gate, allowing friendly visitors and traders from other worlds into Erathia on Days of Trade or Harvest.

The Tower
The Tower by Gillian Galang

Disruption, Revelation

Chagroth's Tower

The Orrery Levels

The top third of the Tower, the Orrery Levels, are devoted to the Orrery of Worlds and the Navigator.

The Orrery of Worlds

The Orrery controls the Manifest, the plane that appears every day at dawn in the Kirinal Pit. Its mechanisms take up a majority of the top third of the tower. The Face of the Orrery, the white and blue wheel representing the Zone, is famously visible on the front of the Tower.

The Navigator's Chambers

The Navigator's Chambers take up the twin spires at the very top of the Tower. One for his personal chambers, the other serving as a workshop and labs for him and his team of assistants. The spires and the Navigator's Walk between them are said to have the best views of the Pit and the Zone.

Navigator's Guard Headquarters

Lastly, the barracks and headquarters for the Navigator's Guard are also in the Orrery Levels. The NavGuard maintains strict security in the top levels. Only staff and authorized visitors are allowed to visit the Orrery. Receiving an invite to watch the Ritual of Manifestation is one of the highest honors in the Zone.

The Ritual of Manifestation

Half arcane ceremony and half engineering challenge, the Orrery and the Ritual define the maharlitech found in the Zone.

The Ritual takes place in the Orrery Chamber, just behind the slowly spinning wheel of the Face of the Orrery. Chagroth and his assistants steer the arcane engine like a ship on the sea of reality.

Face of the Orrery and Concordance Symbol by Chris L

If they knew what actually happened behind the Face of the Orrery, no one would be able to sleep. I can barely sleep.

The so-called orderly transition from world to world is governed by a tangle of astronomy, astrology, contracts, bargains, and blind luck. We've figured out how to row an iceberg with a soup spoon. Few of you realize how lucky we've been.

— Chagroth Durinhelm, Navigator of Worlds

Commander: Red Feather Battlemaster L'Dante Antonel Katigbak

Lieutenant Commander: Wynna Redwing, Mage Commander of Chagroth's Tower, neutral good, female human war mage.

Garrison Troops: 4,000 human and pit-born Kirinal Defenders

Special Forces: Red Feather Battlemancers, Eldritch Knights, Kirinal Divers

Height: 450 feet

Chagroth's Tower at Dawn by Gillian Galang
Founding Date
Tower, Mage
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Chagroth Durinhelm
Character | Oct 24, 2023

The master of Wizard's Peak, founder of WPU, Navigator of Worlds, the titles and accolades are innumerable. The greatest wizard the world has ever known. Now he faces his greatest challenge, how to walk away from it all.

Silver Slice
Geographic Location | Mar 9, 2024

The Northern Canton of the Zone is more commonly known as the Silver Slice. It's governed by followers of Chagroth Durinhelm and/or organizations founded by him.

Silver Assembly
Organization | Sep 20, 2023

Mages and artificers stand at the forefront of the magitech revolution in the most advanced of the Zones.

Eldritch Army
Military Formation | Mar 5, 2024

Also called Chagroth's Army, the military force based at Chagroth's Tower mixes magic and military power.

Tower Town
Settlement | Nov 3, 2023

A city of young mages burning with creative, romantic, and arcane energy. It serves the needs of Chagroth's Tower.

Kirinal Concordance Zone

The Kirinal Concordance Zone was created around the Kirinal Pit to act as a buffer zone to defend against interplanar invasions. The Pit is a 30-mile hole in reality that chaotically manifests a different world or plane at random times.

Eventually, the people of Erathia tamed the Pit, setting it on a schedule so that an ordered succession of planes would appear over the Days of the Week.

The Silver Aerie Levels

These levels are partly named for the Silver Assembly that administrates the Northern Canton of the Zone. The Assembly moved to Tower Town for security reasons and their levels were turned over to the Kirinal Divers and the Red Feather Battlemancers. Both groups had outgrown their founding remits and were in need of larger headquarters.

The former Assembly Hall at the mid-point of the Tower was converted into hangars, the Silver Aerie. The Divers and the Red Feathers both make use of magical flight and flying mounts that deploy from the Aerie. The windows on this level open to enable flying troops to deploy as necessary into the Pit.

The Red Feather Battlemancers

The Battlemancers are an elite force of flying mages who rain arcane fire down upon their enemies. Their head is also the current Commander of the Eldritch Army.

Red wings flying in formation are a source of inspiration and morale for the people and armies of the Zone. Their arrival on the battlefield usually turns the tide in favor of the world's defenders.

The Kirinal Divers

The Kirinal Divers are an elite force led by Two, The Surveyor of Worlds. Every morning they examine the Manifest, determining what kind of world has appeared, assessing the threat level, and looking for any sophonts that may have arrived with it. Despite the jobs inherent danger, every soldier on the Pit aspires to join the Divers.

Horn 2 Prime Unknown Humanoid Population 3 Magic 0 Tech 3.

(Translation: Day of war, the Manifest is an unknown world from the Prime with humanoid inhabitants. They have no magic and their tech is a lower level than the Zone's.)

— Surveyor of Worlds

The announcement of the Call by the Surveyor of Worlds puts the citizens of the Zone on the proper footing for the day. He announces whether the Zone will have a Day of Trade, Harvest, or War.

L'Dante, Red Feather Battlemaster
L'Dante Red Feather Battlemaster by Diigii Daguna

L'Dante Katigbak is a fire genasi war mage and wizard, the current Red Feather Battlemaster, and Commander of Chagroth's Tower.

The Silver Assembly

The Assembly is the ruling group of the Northern Canton formed under the Concordance for Survival Treaty. Formerly based in Chagroth's Tower, they moved to Tower Town where they administrate the day to day business of the Tower and the Town.

The official Assembly Hall, where they met to debate and make policy, was on these levels. Their members also kept their offices and apartments here. During its first hundred years of existence, the Tower and the Hall were breached a few times during particularly bad Shatters and Primes.

The breaking point was a Prime when alien parasites infested the Hall, killing most of the Assembly members and delegates. For safety, the Silver Assembly moved north up Tower Road to Tower Town where the New Assembly Hall sits.

Silver Assembly Symbol by Chris L

The Northern Gate Levels

The Gate and the Wall

The bottom two floors of the Gate Levels service the Northern Gate in the Pit Wall directly. Two platoons of Eldritch Army troops are stationed on either side of the gate at all times. They can respond to emergencies at a moment's notice.

The Gate stands open on Days of Trade or Harvest. Eldritch Soldiers guard the Gate, while Zone Authority Border Agents screen the traffic crossing in and out of the Manifest. The Tower Road connects travelers and goods from friendly worlds directly to Tower Town.

During Days of War, the Gate is closed and the entire Eldritch Army is deployed. They man the length of the entire Pit Wall in their slice. They are ready to turn back invaders with their lives until the next day Manifests.

The bottom levels are devoted to securing the Pit Wall and the Northern Gate. The main Tower rises just west of the Gate. Another set of administrative buildings, the Northern Gate Complex, stands on the east side.

The Eldritch Army

The most heavily defended fortress on the Pit is the home of the Eldritch Army. It is the linchpin of the world's defenses at the Kirinal Pit. The bulk of the Army is made up of 4,000 wizards and warriors who trained at Wizard's Peak University. All graduates of WPU are required to serve a minimum term of 2 years at the Tower. Many serve longer, or build their entire career around service on the Pit.

At the conclusion of 5 years of service, they're entitled to full citizenship in the Zone, becoming Maharlika. Concordant Citizenship and gaining the vote are the main reasons that the brightest students want to attend WPU and enter the Eldritch Army.

Eldritch Army Units at Chagroth Tower by Gillian Galang

The Northern Gate Complex

The Complex is run by the Zone Authority outside of the command structure of the Eldritch Army. It is set aside for the more prosaic duties of dealing with immigrants, trade, and resource harvesting. They coordinate with the Tower for extra security when they need it. During Days of War, they stay out of the army's way.

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