Anomalous Forest

The most dangerous region in the entire Concordant Zone, bar none. I cannot think of a place I would rather not go to.
— Instructor of Recurits
A few hundred years ago the place was your typical sylvan wonderland. You know, unicorns, pixies, talking animals. Boring. After the Kirinal Catastrophes, it's become much more fun.

The Overflow of Realities

The Kirinal River flows up out of The Kirinal Pit in defiance of gravity. As the Pit shifts through the planes each day of the week waters from a different reality flow through the river. It is a natural conduit for the flora and fauna of those worlds to come into Erathia where they compete in the ultimate extraplanar battle for survival in the Anomalous Forest.

I debarked at the Menelost Telperion Station with the other hunters. I first laid eyes on the legendary Anomalous Forest and it just looks wrong. Every woodland has a personality: proud, mysterious, dangerous, serene. The Anomalous Forest is insane.

Invasive Species as the Rule

Tanglers and kodama trees; massive mushrooms and electric palms; the waters of the river throw together plant species that would have never encountered each other in their own worlds. Xenobotanists flock to the forest and research the interactions and discover new plant species.

The druids and elves have resigned themselves to keeping the invasive species contained within the confines of the forest. Beyond the pockets of their groves, the natural wildlife of the old Kirinal Forest is extinct.

The Rangers of the Anomalous Forest focus their efforts on keeping the animal species in check. Identifying legitimately malignant species for extermination while trying to keep the relatively benign ones in check.

The perimeter of the forest grew unchecked for decades and some of the species that got out have wreaked havoc in the wider world. A firm border was eventually set and rangers patrol the perimeter continuously.


The Anomalous Forest falls on both sides of the border between the canton's controlled by Thaya's Vindicators and The Order of Light's High Table Canton.


The Az-damned elves have control over the best hunting ground in the world! We can get in during shatter-kith season, my favorite time of year! At least the Light Knights keep their section open for hunters year round!

Elven/Druidic Lands

The elves and druids of Thaya's Vindicators Canton would prefer to keep everyone out of the forest as they try to balance the riot of extraplanar wildlife. However, an infestation of Shatter-Kith has gotten beyond even their control. Annually, they allow a two-week hunting season where licensed hunters can come in and kill as many shatter-kith as they can find... if they can.

Unauthorized intruders are considered poachers. Poachers are shot on sight.

Molndalian/Order of Light Lands

The commercially minded rulers of the High Table maintain hunting lodges year round on their side of the forest. Expensive hunting licenses and first-rate taxidermists bring in a healthy profit.

Days of the Week

Every day a new plane manifests in the Kirinal Pit.

  1. Shatter: A random plane
  2. Elemental: An elemental plane
  3. Shadow: The Shadowfell
  4. Prime: A prime material world
  5. Bifrost: The Ethereal or Astral
  6. Faerie: The Feywild
  7. Heaven: An Upper Plane

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