Farge McDrakon

Farge McDrakon is a wonderful example of innovation in the face of hardship. The dwarves have devised a method for growing mushrooms in the barren soil of the Zone! Their mushroom products are a rare example of an export from the Zone that didn't come out of the Pit!
I gotta give it to that stingy old dwarf, McDrakon has figured out how to grow something right there on the Waste without an easy water source. He's keeping the secret of how he does it tight!

Farge McDrakon is the Tortoise Conclave's base on the Outer Ring of the Kirinal Concordance Zone. It was assigned to the clans of Kul to administrate. It's name translates to "McDrakon Town", after the exceptionally vain and venal Thane McDrakon.

Disgruntled with his assignment, next to the Kirinal Wastes, the Thane has maximized his stake by figuring out how to run a prison at a profit and by successfully bringing fungiculture from the mountains to the Zone.

Mushrooms in the Desert

The Thane placed the outpost under the leadership of his loyal grags. The dwarves sent to the flat waste lands around the Kirinal Pit were delighted to discover a small unknown cavern complex in their alloted lands. The caverns retained enough moisture and were just large enough to start mushroom farms. They built their prison directly over the entrance to the caves and used the prisoners assigned to them as a workforce.

They brought in mycelium cultivars from under the Ironspike Mountains and after decades of failure, eventually began a successful farm. The mushroom strains mutated in the magical soil around the Pit, creating fungi with unique properties unknown anywhere else. The most valuable were the hexocybin mushrooms that could be brewed into extremely valuable psychic beer.

Boom Town

With the success of the unique strains, Farge McDrakon grew from a lonely outpost at the edge of civilization into a bustling town. Traders came from the dwarven lands of the Kingdom of Nathal-nalir and Dalad-Zuraz for delicious unique mushrooms to bring back home. Everyone else came to buy the unique psychic beer, which became their biggest and most sought after product.

Unfortunately for them, the source of their hexocybin mushrooms woke up, gaining sentience and becoming the Myconid Mother. Very recently, she was released from imprisonment by the Oak Father and taken to the Ki-Rin Forest. The frantic grags will do anything to bring her back.

Alternative Name(s)
Mushroom Town
Outpost / Base
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Kirinal Pit Tactical Map
1 mile to 1 hex tactical map of the Kirinal Pit.
Tortoise Conclave
Organization | Jul 28, 2023

The earth dwarves harvest hex crystals here. They build marvels of maharlitech and craftsmanship.

Thane McDrakon
Character | Nov 27, 2022
Thane McDrakon's Prison
Building / Landmark | Jul 24, 2021

The main prison complex in the Tortoise Conclave Canton, the dwarven "slice" of the Zone. It also functions as a work camp producing a variety of goods, most famously psychic beer.

Hexocybin Mushrooms
Material | Aug 13, 2021

Mushrooms growing in the magical soil of the Kirinal Pit confer temporary magical power to those who eat them, but they are slightly poisonous. They are the main ingredient in psychic beer.

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