Kingdom of Nathal-nalir

Proper Name: Duchy of Ironspike or Kingdom of Nathal-nalir

Ruler: Khizan Ironspike (LG male dwarf, fighter/cleric 13/3) Battleleader of Ironspike, Commander of the Order of Tridensers

Government: Feudal Monarchy/Republic

Seat of Government: Razun

Cities: Razun (LC), Andaglar (LC), Kul (SC)

Resources: Iron, silver, adamantite, craft goods (metal work, arms, armor)


Law: LG

A mountain province to the west of the Silver Range populated and ruled by dwarves. Like the elves of Hartshome, the dwarves of Ironspike were once an independent nation who became a part of Lozar in exchange for military protection. Like the elves, they are mostly autonomous, but are usually comfortable as a province of Lozar. They see the advantage of having tariff-free access to the nation’s ports on the Vitran Sea.

The population of Ironspike is 80% dwarven, mostly mountain dwarves and some hill dwarves, with the balance of the populace composed of gnomes, halflings and humans. The dwarves live within subterranean cities carved out of the Ironspike Mountains themselves. There are gnome/halfling villages in the southern foothills of the Ironspikes on the borders of Hartshome. The dwarves of Ironspike are much less xenophobic than their elven neighbors. Non-dwarven merchants, visitors and immigrants are a common sight in the surface areas and upper levels of the dwarven cities.

Shorthand/Influences: Generic dwarven kingdom of smiths under the mountains.

We still hone the axe.

Sovranty of Lozar

Map of the Sovranty of Lozar.

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Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Duchy of Ironspike, Ironspike
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

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