Tol Acharn

Commander: Linare Indemmin, Moon's Vengeance Tol Acharn, chaotic good, male elf ranger.

Garrison Troops: 2,500 elven Silver Bows, 1,500 human and pit-born Green Defenders

Special Forces: Moon's Tears (elven rangers), Forest Furies (treants)

The elven lords of the Kingdom of Amredhel and the druids of the Duchy of Tarfydd manage the chaotic southwestern edge of The Kirinal Pit.

The living fortress of Tol Acharn is woven together from trees and living warships. It is capable of growing to meet any challenge. Some of the towers are actually warships, capable of separating from the fortress for battle and then reattaching when the crisis has passed.

Thaya's Vindicators

The council directing the fortress under the Concordance for Survival Treaty is called Thaya's Vindicators. They first organized after the death of Thaya and were once allied with vampires and lycanthropes in the Shattered Moon Coalition to avenge her death. Once the moon was retaken, they disassemled the Coalition, but the Vindicators became a founding member of the Concordance for Survival.

Their vote on the Council of Eight can be counted on to reliably stand for vengeance and the conservation of natural resources.

Thaya's Armada

The forces stationed at Tol Acharn are called Thaya's Armada. Their main feature is that many troops are stationed on the living warships for maximum mobility and adaptability. Squads of elven archers and druids man the ships, raining down arrows and nature magic on invaders from the Pit.



Rangers of the Kirinal River and the Anomalous Forest

The Rangers of the southwestern zone are responsible for overseeing and attempting to control the most chaotic biome in the world. The Anomalous Forest and the Kirinal River experience a daily infusion of life from the Manifest. The wildlife of thousands of different planes merge and compete and prey on each other in a riot of natural selection.

Only the best can survive here, but the experience of being an Anomalous Warden is like nothing else anywhere in the universe. They try to allow nature to follow its course as much as possible. They don't want to interfere in normal relationships of life and death, but they do make sure that the Anomalous does not get out into the wider world.

The Lock System

The fortress also stands astride the Kirinal River where it rises up out of the Pit. They are responsible for managing the outflow of the River, sending out a warning when the flow is dangerous. Their control, the Lock System, blunts any dangerous effluvia from the pit from traveling downstream.

Menelost Telperion

The main settlement in the Southwestern Zone is built around the skyport of Menelost Telperion and shares it's name with the former temple complex. War parties travelling to the Shattered Moon launch from the silver tree.

Tôl acharn!

(Vengeance comes!)

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Kirinal Concordance Zone

The Kirinal Concordance Zone was created around the Kirinal Pit to act as a buffer zone to defend against interplanar invasions. The Pit is a 30-mile hole in reality that chaotically manifests a different world or plane at random times.

Eventually, the people of Erathia tamed the Pit, setting it on a schedule so that an ordered succession of planes would appear over the Days of the Week.

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