Outer Ring

The outer railroad line circling the Kirinal Pit 20 miles from the Pit Wall denotes the outer edge of the Kirinal Concordance Zone's border. The term is also used to refer to the land between the Outer Ring and the Inner Ring.

The Concordant Mandates are much less strict about the Outer Ring than the Inner. The soil here is still not fertile after the Kirinal Catastrophes, but some vegetation and small copses of trees have managed to grow here. The two exceptions are the chaotic Anomalous Forest in the southeast Canton and the magnificent Ki-Rin Forest in the eastern Canton.

A few small settlements have sprung up away from the potential battle zones of the Inner Ring and outside of the walls of the eight great cities. Most notably Farge McDrakon on the northwest edge of the Zone thrives due to their bountiful mushroom farms.

The Inner Ring Railroad runs for 314.16 miles with stops at the borders at each of the "Embassy Cities" and stops at the border of each Canton. There are eight border stops and six outer station stops. It takes roughly one and a half hours to go from one border station to the next border station.


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