Ki-Rin Forest

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The twin Kirinal Catastrophes created a vast wasteland around the Kirinal Pit, without the outside help of druids and farmers the natural world has had a difficult time re-colonizing the blasted glassy soil of the Kirinal Concordance Zone.

Of the colonies of green that have gained a foothold in the Zone, the Ki-Rin Forest is acknowledged to be the most beautiful. Located on the eastern edge of the Zone in the territory of the Oath of Anam, the forest is seen as a blessing from the god Anam. The Church of Anam claims that the Ki-rin seen over the skies of the Pit reside in the forest.

The pristine Forest is known for its enormous trees that have grown with unusual speed. The forest feels ancient, even though the trees are only decades old. The animals of the forest are unusual because of their normalcy. Its full of deer, rabbit, birds, squirrels, foxes, and wolves. completely ordinary creatures of the mortal world.

No dark spirits or Shatter-Kith roam the dark corners of the forest. The natural creatures are unusually large and healthy, living in a normal cycle of life. In the extraplanar chaos of the Pit and the Zone, that can only happen if something is watching over the Forest.

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