Empyrean Ki-rin Monastery

The quiet light-filled halls of the Empyrean Ki-Rin Monastery are a place of healing and hope for those beyond the help of gods or magic. They take broken people and put them back together or they allow them to take their final journey in peace.
I've got nothing but good things to say about the shiny horses and feel-good monks at the Empryean. Me own body and soul were torn asunder by an aswang and a tentacled aberration fighting over me guts! The monks and them horses put me back together.

Even in a world full of divine healing and arcane magitech prosthetics, there are some wounds that are too grievous to heal. There are injuries to the mind and curses on the soul that a simple healing spell or even an archmage's wish cannot remove. In the Kirinal Concordance Zone even these damaged mortals can find hope at the Empyrean Ki-Rin Monastery.

The Servant of Heaven, the Ki-rin Moon Breeze presides over the tranquil gardens and gracefully arched buildings of the Monastery. Monks and clerics pledged to the Heavenly Council of Ki-rins work with patients while also training to go out into the world to combat evil.

Chamber of Verdant Light

The main medical building in the Monastery, the Chamber is a vaulted building bounded by the trees of the Ki-Rin Forest on one side and the placid Pond of Authriand on the other. The unicorns and other spirits of the Forest work with water spirits and the gold dragon Authriand to tend to the patients in the chamber.

By day, the Chamber is filled with pure forest air and natural light from the sun. At night, fireflies and beneficent spirits float among the patients, blessing them with healing energy or preparing them for the journey into the next life.

Empyrean Ki-rin Monastery by Chris L - Artbreeder

Hall of a Thousand Baku

The Hall serves as the main meeting place for the Heavenly Council, where the Great Spirits of the Zone gather in their mission to protect the children of the Zone. Among their number are the aforementioned Moon Breeze and Authriand along with Oak Father the ent, Kavyajat the spirit naga, Nightwind of the unicorns, and other creatures of great power with an altruistic bent.

It takes its name from the apparent statues of a thousand baku mounted on its walls. In reality, the statues are real baku, silently and patiently awaiting their next assignment to be selected during the Celebration of Children to protect a mortal child and usher them into adulthood.

Sanctuary of the Valiant

This building is the home and training grounds for the mortals who serve the Council and tend to the Monastery's patients. Here they live in simple dormitories suitable to the ascetic lifestyle that they have chosen. The Sanctuary also includes a mess hall where monks create delicious vegetarian meals renowned throughout the Zone.

The Sanctuary also contains a small school devoted to teaching the Way of the Ki-rin, a style of martial arts unique to this monastery. The few practitioners of this devastating style are required to live and train here. The Grand Master of the Ki-rin style, Sifu Wan Ju, is a gardener at the monastery and only teaches fellow monks who are around him in between his work duties.

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Jul 19, 2021 21:20 by K.S. Bishoff

This sounds awesome! Also, ... a bit incomplete. For instance, how did it come to pass that the Baku await a child at THAT monastery? Also, why is the Way of the Ki-Rin taught to so few and why would the Grand Master be a gardner? Even more intriguing, why is the Way of the Ki-Rin taught at all at a place devoted to healing? Are they guards who must pretend to be groundskeepers??

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I definitely left myself some threads to explore here! There are you other facets to explore pokey summer camp!

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Jul 23, 2021 02:45 by Cassandra Sojourn

Excellent work! I love the world-building of the magical, ethereal beings and how they can heal a broken soul. I think your use of tooltips is really helpful as it let's me know where things fit in your world without fully committing me to a new article. Your sidebar is wonderful, as well, as it let's me know where to explore.

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Thank you!

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