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Sgt. Kill Flayer

Sergeant Grokzaz Kill Flayer

I have had the honor of serving with Sgt. Kill Flayer for many years here at Gold Arrow Station. We make an excellent team, with the sergeant supplementing my admittedly dry delivery of the facts with his amusing anecdotes and personal observations. I'll admit that I was quite distressed when we were made co-instructors, but I have since grown to value our partnership.

Look alive Pit-Meat! I'm Sergeant Grokzaz Kill Flayer. You will call me Sergeant Kill Flayer! I'm a full-blooded orc of Borthakar. None of that watered-down half-orc pansy feculence here."

"I don't care where you come from or who your daddy is. I'm here to let you know that no matter what monstrosity crawls out of the Pit, I'll be standing behind you to make sure you don't run!"

The gruff no-nonsense co-head instructor at Gold Arrow Station. He isn't afraid to tell it how it is. He is commonly seen with his partner, Instructor of Recruits

Sgt. Kill Flayer (Sgt. Kill Flayer to his friends) has had a long and varied career in the Kirinal Pit. He comes from a military family and was born in the Empire of Borthakar. His parents were stationed at the Bastion of Borthakar when he was a child, and the orcling developed a taste for life in the Zone.

Upon adulthood, he followed the family tradition and entered the Empire's military service. He was a good enough fighter to also be stationed at the Zone where he completed the requisite years of service to become a citizen of the Concordance for Survival.

It was during this time that he earned his surname in a battle with an illithid incursion. Kill Flayer led the charge on the nautiloid ship leading the invasion, single handedly beheading the flayer captain himself.

He distinguished himself enough to be asked to join the Zone Authority Police where he served throughout the slices of the Zone as a ZAP. He spent a decade in the police where, despite his gruff exterior, he made friends everyewhere he went. When a spot opened at the Orientation Auditorium at Gold Arrow Station, Kill Flayer was the natural choice for the role.

In the years since, he has trained thousands of recruits and new arrivals on the finer points of life in the Zone. After training, he is always available to his instructees for sartorial, food, and drink recommendations.

Current Location
Year of Birth
3179 FA 45 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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