Zone Authority

When your training is complete, some of you may find yourselves assigned to the Zone Authority. You will be in charge of maintaining security here in our great civilization.
— Instructor of Recruits
I cut my teeth in the ZA. It's a decent enough remit to start out in, but there's too much checking hedrons and not enough breaking heads for me
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

The Authority maintains security and gathers intelligence within the Kirinal Concordance Zone. They control the borders into the Zone from the world and between the Eight Cantons. They are authorized to detect and prosecute crimes against the Concordant Zone. They can check the Ident-a-hedron of any sophont crossing a border or suspected of committing a crime.


ZA Agents have full authority to enter any public locations in the Zone. They may search any person or vehicle in Zone jurisdiction: on the roads, on the rails, or crossing a border. They must receive a warrant from the relevant Canton to enter private property outside of Zone jurisdiction. Agents are careful not to overstep the bounds of their jurisdiction and try to work with internal Canton watchmen as much as possible.


Border Security
Most of the ZA's time and manpower is spent on border security and checking hedrons.

Illegal Xenotrading
They are also responsible for preventing the black market trade in extraplanar goods.

Traitor Warlocks
They track down unregistered warlocks for prosecution.

Ident-a-hedron Counterfeiting
They seek out and prosecute Soul Stealer gangs and Anti-hedrons living in the Zone illegally.


The ZA maintains offices in every city in the Zone and their agents man all border crossings. They check the hedron of every person entering the Zone, crossing a canton border, or entering a city.

Rank Structure

The structure of ranks in the Zone Authority in descending order:


  • Zone Chief
  • Assistant Chief
  • Canton Commander
  • Canton Major

Field Agents

  • Agent in Charge
  • Lieutenant Agent in Charge
  • Field Agent
  • Border Agent

The Kirinal Pit

A 30-mile wide hole in reality ringed by fortresses and armies.

Kirinal Pit
Geographic Location | Sep 5, 2023

A 30-mile hole in reality ringed by fortresses and cities. The world's greatest threat and resource.

Days of the Week

Every day a new plane manifests in the Kirinal Pit.

  1. Shatter: A random plane
  2. Elemental: An elemental plane
  3. Shadow: The Shadowfell
  4. Prime: A prime material world
  5. Bifrost: The Ethereal or Astral
  6. Faerie: The Feywild
  7. Heaven: An Upper Plane
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