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Bastion of Borthakar

The Bastion of Borthakar stands as a symbol of fierce unwavering resolve in the face of extraplanar threats from the Kirinal Pit. It serves as the main fortress and headquarters of Winter's Horde, the formidable military force of orcs barbarians and other northerners that defends the world from interplanar invasions. The alliance between the orcish Empire of Borthakar and the northern Alian Tribes has brought about an unprecedented era of cooperation, with the Bastion serving as a testament to their shared commitment to safeguarding the realm.

Command Structure

At the heart of the Bastion's command structure stands Khan Shogzaf Ash the Fiend Hammer. This fearless female Orc warrior and the current leader of Winter's Horde. As Khan, she bears the immense responsibility of overseeing the various warbands. She personally leads them in defense of the KCZ from the unpredictable forces that emerge from the Pit. Her tactical mind, combat skills, and unwavering courage have earned her the respect and admiration of all those under her command.

The orcs of Borthakar no longer hear the voices of chaotic gods roaring in their ears. They have followed two paths in the centures after the Withdrawal, the familiar Path of Blood and the strange Road of Enlightenment.

— Khan Shogzaf Ash the Fiend Hammer

The Warbands of Winter

Winter's Horde comprises numerous warbands, each led by a warleader chosen from its ranks. These warbands consist of highly skilled and battle-hardened warriors who have set aside their historical enmities to fight side by side for a common cause. They have put aside ancient bloodfeuds to find common ground in their commitment to defending the world from interplanar threats.

These warbands vary in size, ranging from a few dozen to several hundred warriors. They are known for their ferocity and combat prowess, wielding an array of weapons, including greatswords, battleaxes, and mauls, with some incorporating magitech enhancements. Their combat style is characterized by aggression and hard-hitting tactics, making them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Days of War

On Days of War, when hostile planes Manifest in the Kirinal Pit, the warriors of Winter's Horde rush into action. They stand ready at the Bastion, prepared to face any extraplanar invaders that might emerge. The Horde savors these critical moments when they learn if they will be able to slake their bloodlust.

The Northwest Gate

The Bastion of Borthakar not only serves as a fortress against invaders but also guards the Northwest Gate, a crucial access point for friendly visitors and traders from other worlds. On Days of Trade or Harvest, the Gate stands open, welcoming travelers and goods from allied realms into the KCZ. Although they love war, this exchange of resources and knowledge has been the true game changer for the people of the cold north.

An Unbreakable Alliance

The alliance between the Empire of Borthakar and the Alian Tribes, forged through Winter's Voice, is a testament to the power of unity in the face of adversity. The Bastion of Borthakar serves as a physical embodiment of this alliance, standing tall and unwavering against the turbulent forces of the Kirinal Pit. As long as Winter's Horde stands vigilant within the Bastion's walls, the Kirinal Concordance Zone can face the challenges of interplanar invasions with courage and determination, knowing they are protected by a force bound by loyalty, valor, and a shared commitment to survival.

Commander: Khan Shogzaf Ash the Fiend Hammer

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Kirinal Concordance Zone

The Kirinal Concordance Zone was created around the Kirinal Pit to act as a buffer zone to defend against interplanar invasions. The Pit is a 30-mile hole in reality that chaotically manifests a different world or plane at random times.

Eventually, the people of Erathia tamed the Pit, setting it on a schedule so that an ordered succession of planes would appear over the Days of the Week.

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