Navigator of Worlds

All hail the Navigator of Worlds. Through his guidance, our world survives and our civilization thrives. He has ushered in our new age, long may he lead our way.
— Instructor of Recruits
Are we talking about Chagroth frakkin' Durinhelm again?! That tosser's done everything, been everywhere, and lived too long I say. He's turning 250 next year, what human lives that long... naturally?
— Sgt. Kill Slayer

The world is a bubble, floating through an ocean of perils. Six days out of the week, I can choose where we land, but the price for that certainty is Shatter once a week.
— Chagroth Durinhelm, the Navigator of Worlds

The Navigator stands in the middle of a storm of machinery, his own creation, the great Orrery of Worlds. His moreno hands flash as he draws mystic gestures in the air and mutters the words of power.

The huge machine fills a grand hall in Chagroth's Tower, great jeweled orbs, and spinning gears dancing to the Navigator's symphony of power.

The Navigator begins to call out commands to his assistants:

"Wheelmen, watch the Mondas Orb. The diurnal motions are a degree off."

"Steersman, lock the tellurion, I have the course set for Sevenfold."

Power converged in the room, the tower vibrated, reality began to hum. The ocean currently in the Pit began to slowly flash, matching the color of the deep blue granite sphere, the focus of the manifest.

Right as dawn breaks, the Navigator completes the Ritual of Manifestation. In the Pit, with a rumbling thrum, the ocean disappears, replaced by a mountainous pillar of stone stretching up impossibly into the sky.

The Navigator falls to his knees, rubbing his hands, and sighing in relief as he relaxes his hold on the power to move a world.

The dao merchants come out of tunnels in the rock, the Elemental Plane of Earth is ready to trade.


The Navigator must be an archmage, able to cast 9th level arcane rituals.


Only the most powerful of wizards have the knowledge and power to be the Navigator.


There has only been one Navigator for almost 200 years. He is tired and searching for his replacement.


The Navigator is considered the most powerful person in the world with the least freedom. The fate of the world is in their hands at the dawn of every day.


They are responsible for steering the Pit to a new planar destination every day. If they fail to complete the Ritual of Manifestation at every dawn, they risk another Disintegration or Explosion.


The Navigator has the final decision on which plane manifests in the Pit every day, the Schedule of Manifestation. Fortunes can be made or broken by how often a plane appears and everyone tries to influence that decision.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Navigator is the master of the Orrery of Worlds, an artifact capable of manipulating planar portals on a planetary level.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The Navigator cannot leave the office without training a replacement.

The Kirinal Pit

A 30-mile wide hole in reality ringed by fortresses and armies.

Kirinal Pit
Geographic Location | Sep 5, 2023

A 30-mile hole in reality ringed by fortresses and cities. The world's greatest threat and resource.

Days of the Week

Every day a new plane manifests in the Kirinal Pit.

Days of the Week
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jun 18, 2023

On the Kirinal Pit the days of the week are named for the different planes that Manifest every day.

  1. Shatter: A random plane
  2. Elemental: An elemental plane
  3. Shadow: The Shadowfell
  4. Prime: A prime material world
  5. Bifrost: The Ethereal or Astral
  6. Faerie: The Feywild
  7. Heaven: An Upper Plane
Magical, Professional
The Concordance for Survival
Form of Address
Lord Navigator
Alternative Naming
The Wayfinder
Equates to
Magister, Chancellor, Admiral
Source of Authority
Mastery of the Orrery of Worlds.
First Holder
Current Holders
Related Organizations
Related Military Formations


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