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Shatter is the weekly price we pay for stability the rest of the week. The Orrery of Worlds navigates to a scheduled plane every day, but the maharlitech engine needs to "let off steam" or "unwind" once a week. At least, that's how the wizards and artificers explain it to me.

I don't understand any of that maharli-talk that the mages talk about. All I know is that on Shatter, I might get the chance to crack heads, or visit an unknown dimension, or piss meself. It's always a good time!

The first day of the week. Shatter’s name comes from the Night of the Shattered Moon. Any plane in the multiverse has a chance to Manifest in the Kirinal Pit. The Orrery of World's design accounts for one day of chaos in exchange for order every other day of the week.

Before the creation of the Orrery, every day was Shatter. A random world or plane would appear. It could stay for a few minutes or a few months. Erathia survived only through the diligence of the wizards and paladins of Lozar. Eventually, as other nations and civilizations understood the danger of the Pit, they joined together to create the Concordance for Survival.


The great fortresses prepare for war. The troops stand ready on the wall. The sky ships float overhead, weapons turned towards the Pit. The streets of the embassy cities empty as the populace hides in shelters, waiting for the horns to sound. One blast for peace, two for war, three to flee.

As the sun cracks the horizon the entire Pit flashes through a rainbow of hues before settling on one color. The Kirinal Divers take to the air from Chagroth's Tower on the northern edge. The Surveyor of Worlds, the soulforged known as 2, makes the call and the horns sound.

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