Orrery of Worlds

I built the Orrery after a lifetime of failure: Lost Kirinal, my wife and the baby, the assassination of Vasilius and my brother, that bastard Dolgathan, Kirinal exploding... again! The Orrery, my crowning achievement, was built out of desperation.

The Orrery of Worlds controls the chaotic Kirinal Pit, imposing the order of the Days of the Week onto it. Without the Orrery, the Manifest would be completely chaotic. Before it was installed and activated, any world or plane could appear in the Pit at any time. The magitech miracle of the Orrery allows the great civilization of the Kirinal Concordance Zone to exist.

Crystal and Clockwork Construction

The mechanism of the massive Orrery takes up six levels at the top of Chagroth's Tower. It requires the constant maintenance and attention of the Navigator of Worlds. He is constantly tuning it as he plots the course of the Pit through the multiverse.

The Face of the Orrery

The famous face of the Orrery depicts the eight Cantons of the Concordance for Survival and is also the official symbol of the Zone and Concordance. It is 60 feet tall and slowly rotates throughout the day and night. When the Ritual of Manifestation begins an hour before dawn, it flashes and speeds up until the new Manifest appears in the Pit as the sun breaks the horizon.

Face of the Orrery and Concordance Symbol by Chris L

The Orrery Chamber

The Orrery Chamber sits behind the center of the Face of the Orrery. From here the Navigator and his assistants perform the Ritual of Manifestation every morning. They divine a safe spot for the Pit to land as they summon the Manifest.

Magical walls of force protect the Chamber from intrusion and any accidents that may occur during the Ceremony. It is also specifically protected from divination magic over and above the wards already built into the Tower.

The Lens of Seeing

The Lens of Seeing serves as the Navigator's eye as he scans the multiverse for safe worlds and planes to manifest. It is a magic mirror with a 6 foot diameter that is mounted in the Orrery Chamber. At the end of the Ritual, the new manifest appears for a few minutes or a few seconds, depending on the quality of the Ritual. The Navigator has that amount of time to pick the "landing spot" for the Pit.

The Mechanism

Tons of clockwork, spinning spheres, and turning gears make up the enormous mechanism of the Orrery. The mechanism surrounds the Chamber, taking up the majority of the Orrery Levels in the tower.

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune by Dylon Briones

Destiny, Change

Orrery of Worlds

The Heart of Wizard's Peak

The Heart of Wizard's Peak in the foundation of the Tower provides the power for the Orrery. Composed of rune crystal, the much rarer predecessor of hex crystal, the Heart has always been the basis of Chagroth's many successes.

Item type
Navigational Aid / Instrument
Creation Date
3060 FA - 3100 FA
Current Location
Current Holder
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Cover image: Orrery of Worlds Header by Gillian Galang


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