Skarhir Kos

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Commander: Prince Duri Ironspike, Lord Commander of Skarhir Kos, lawful good, male dwarf fighter.

Garrison Troops: 2,500 dwarven Iron Defenders, 2,000 soulforged Holy Defenders, 1,500 halfling Mastiff Riders

Special Forces: Iron Berserkers, Iron Cannoneers, Crow Riders

The dwarven lords were slow to answer the call to defend the world, but once they did, they came in force. Of all the fortresses on the pit, their walls have never been breached by invaders, a point of pride for the haughty dwarves.

The dwarves rely on halfling skirmishers from The Warmshires, especially the Crow Riders, to provide cover and scouts for their slow moving infantry.

The Unbroken Walls of Skarhir Kos


Crow Riders Roost


The Tortoise - The Crawling City

Skarhir Kos

Shield Against Chaos

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