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Empire of Borthakar

Proper Name: Empire of Borthakar
Ruler: Aurag, the Fist of Ar-Tamak (LE male half-orc, fighter/cleric 6/14)
Government: Military/Theocratic Dictatorship
Seat of Government: Natorska
Cities: Natorska (M), Dolgathan City (LC), Auragton (LC), Gilgor (SC)
Resources: Fish, timber, foodstuffs
Population: 30% orc, 30% human, 20% half-orc, 20% other
Law: LE
Allies: Safara
Enemies: Lozar, Ural, Cantreval, Kiris, Dalad Zuraz

  The empire of Borthakar was carved out of the nations of the Stone Reach in the chaos following the Lich Wars. At the end of the war, two of the Lich King's most powerful generals found themselves trapped in the Stone Reach, far from home with only remnants of their armies left. The two, Aurag, a half-orc warrior-priest of Ar-Tamak and the necromancer Dolgathan, refused to return to Safara in defeat.   At first they attempted to conquer the city of Mechaerus on the southern borders of the Ongvir Steppes. They were driven off by an alliance of Ongvir horsemen and Minaran and Uralan troops. They retreated into the wastes known as the Wildlands and the allies thought that Aurag and Dolgathan would never be heard from again.   In the Wildlands, they were attacked by an orcish tribe called the Steel Spears. Instead of being destroyed, the ragtag army routed their attackers, killed the tribe's leaders, and took it over. With the Steel Spears as a starting point, Aurag and Dolgathan took over the other barbaric tribes of the Wildlands through a combination of diplomacy, religious conversion and outright treachery. Within three years, the humanoid tribes were under Aurag and Dolgathan's control.   Once the tribes were under their control, Aurag , as a powerful cleric of the god of conquerors, Ar-Tamak, began a ruthless program of religious conversion. He declared himself the Fist of Ar-Tamak, and called his new nation Borthakar, after Ar-Tamak's home in the Nine Hells. Historically, most of the tribes worshipped Azgorth, a chaotic evil god of destruction. Aurag slaughtered all priests of opposing religions, only allowing the worship of Ar-Tamak and a few related gods in lands that he controlled. He began to train the warriors of the Wildlands in the arts of war. In another three years, Borthakar was ready to go to war.   Borthakar began to invade it's neighbors.   Shorthand/Influences: The Evil Empire. Fancy orcs.

Woe to the conquered

Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Transnational government
Subsidiary Organizations

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