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Satrapy of Ta-Arma

Proper Name: Satrapy of Ta-Arma/Free Lands of Ta-Arma
Ruler: Governor Zarak Ganbu (LE male orc, warrior 14)
Government: Satrapy administered by the occupying forces of Borthakar.
Seat of Government: Ta-Arma
Cities: Ta-Arma (LC), Glothreon (SC), Mershand (LT)
Resources: Fish, timber, cloth, trade nexus between the Stone Reach and the nations of the island of Mourin.
Population: 50% human, 25% orc, 20% halfling, 5% other
Law: LE (orcish occupiers)/NG (original inhabitants)
Allies: Llyren, Cantreval, Lozar, ar-Idas
Enemies: Borthakar, barbarian pirates

Ta-Arma is a nation on the coast of Reaver's Deep. The city of Ta-Arma was the major port for trade between the nations of the Stone Reach and those on the island of Mourin.

The Free Lands of Ta-Arma were conquered after the Lichwars by the Empire of Borthakar after a long bitter struggle. Since then, the resistance has gone underground and is now called the Blue Network. Many native Ta-Armans give whatever aid they can to the Network. They live for the day when they can rise up and eject the orcish invaders from their lands.

The city of Ta-Arma is also known to be the home of a powerful criminal syndicate known only as The Whispers. They were in control of smuggling in and out of the city. According to the rumors, their operations did not skip a step when the orcs invaded. The Whispers simply adapted and learned to deal with the new authorities. It is also whispered that they are strong supporters of the Blue Network.

Laws of Ta-Arma

  • Elves are to be slain on sight
  • Dwarves are to be enslaved or slain
  • Halflings and gnomes are to be enslaved

All those not of orcish or goblin blood shall

  1. Require a pass to enter a city
  2. Require a pass to leave a city
  3. Require a pass to be outdoors after dark
  4. Obey the orders of any orcish military personnel

The Tamakreton

  • A gladiatorial arena named in honor of the god Ar-Tamak
  • Fights are held twice weekly to keep the populace amused

The Blue Network

  • Led by the mage Atho the Blue
  • Formerly an advisor to the King of Ta-Arma
  • The real heir to the throne has been recently discovered
  • Up until now, he was the thief known as Pest
  • He is reluctantly working with Atho the Blue to overthrow the orcs
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