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The Lichwars began far to the northeast in Safara, a land far from Lozar. In the year 3000, the Lich-King of Safara arrived on the borders of Lozar, Realm of the Tridenser King and Land of the Eternal Paladins. For a thousand years, through the efforts of King T'Kor and his four Eternal Paladins, Lozar's peace had rarely been disrupted, but now it faced an evil unlike any it had ever known.

After repeated attacks on Kirinal, Lozar's capital city, King T'kor decided to set up a secret training ground and staging area for Lozar's warriors and mages. Wizard's Peak's remote location and the existence of teleportation circles maintained by Chagroth Durinhelm and his mages made it the logical choice. Soon, the small academy that Chagroth had established, became the largest school for mages and warriors in Western Krosia, although it's location and purpose were kept mostly secret. For safety's sake, many of the teachers and most of the books and materials from Chagroth's old school in Kirinal, Magus College, were moved to Wizard's Peak University. A small city, eventually known as Magus Valley, grew up in the valley surrounding WPU to meet the needs of the soldiers and mages training at the University.

The battle between Lozar and her allies and the Lich King's hordes finally ended in 3005. A major thrust by the Safaran forces cut through the Lozarian borders, eating up counties and duchies in it's merciless march for Kirinal. The final battle of the Lichwars took place on the streets of Kirinal. The greatest heroes of the world's Third Age fought it's greatest villains. Sensing that a victory in Kirinal would win him the world, the Lich King called in all his favors and dealt all of his cards for the final assault on Kirinal. Likewise, the Tridenser King and his Eternal Paladins were given signs from the gods that they could not let the Lich King take Kirinal. The Lich King summoned the Red Wizards and the Armies of Cerebus, the Ruby Dragons and Illithid Legion. The Tridenser King and his Eternal Paladins called in almost the entire Order of Tridensers, the Arch Mage Martek and the Gray Elves of Meladriel, the Admantwings of Larkesh and the Claws of Bahamut. Such a gathering had never been seen before, and hopefully never will be again. As magical forces surged and seethed through Kirinal, a chain reaction of unforeseen power wiped Kirinal from the face of the planet. The Disintegratoin of Kirinal tore a hole ten miles wide and two miles deep into the earth. Wild magic still seethes within the bowels of The Pit, as it has come to be known.

The explosion darkened the sky for a year and a half and sent surges of wild magic racing across the planet for many months. Thousands of beings died random deaths as the uncontrollable energies shot out of the earth or from the sky. The end of the Lichwars ushered in the yearlong winter known as The Year of Darkness and Flames - 3005.

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