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City of Ta-Arma

The capital city of Ta-Arma sits at the mouth of the Tamriden River that runs from the Spine of Krosia over the Stone Reach through the Empire of Borthakar, and through southern Ta-Arma. It's the main port for the Winter's Voice nations of the Ongvir Horde, Borthakar, and Ta-Arma.

The nation and the city are devoted to and named after Ar-Tamak, the god of war and conquest. The great arena, the Tamakreton is devoted to gladitorial combat to honor the god and the nation he founded.

Ta-Arma and its capitol have been a satellite nation of the Empire of Borthakar for more than two hundred years. Its people have chafed under the subjugation of orcs and goblinoids. When the Winter's Voice alliance was formed to join the Concordance for Survival, Borthakar gave one of the seats to their obedient servants who ruled Ta-Arma. Now, a hundred years later, the Tyrant of Ta-Arma is less inclined to follow the marching orders of their orcish masters.

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City of Gladiators
Large city
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