Kirinal Wastes

Here in the Kirinal Concordance Zone we struggle daily to recover lands laid waste by the Catastrophes. Every green inch from the Outer Ring to the Pit-Wall is a triumph against the destruction that visited our world. The desolation surrounding us serves as a reminder of the cost of carelessness.
Nothing grows or lives in the Kirinal Wastes. It's a haunted place full of the ghosts of Old Lozar and the tears of the gods. Avoid it if you can. You won't find old Sgt. Kill Flayer anywhere near it!

After the twin disasters of the Kirinal Catastrophes the lands around the disintegrated city of Kirinal were a blasted wasteland incapable of supporting life. It was covered in broken rocks, petrified trees, and ruined towns. The Concordance for Survival turned it's attention towards defending interplanar invasions from the Kirinal Pit. They built eight fortresses on the rim, and eight cities to serve them. An entire advanced civilization based on magitech has grown around the Pit.

They built great railroads for the outside world to reach them and an Inner and Outer Ring of tracks and walls to protect them from the things that dwell in the Kirinal Wastes. They have succeeded in bringing the Zone inside the Rings back to life somewhat, but the rest of the once glorious Royal Duchy of Kirinal remains a haunted wasteland.

The Broken Lands

Except for some reclaimed farmland along the Gold Arrow and Kirinal Rivers the wastelands remain blighted and dangerous. During the decades after the Catastrophes extraplanar monstrosities and invaders would sometimes break through the Pit's defences. They would make their way into the Kirinal Wastes and make homes for themselves there. A mix of dangerous fiends, escaped elementals, and ravenous undead still dwell in the Wastes, preying on mortal settlements and travelers.

Land of Monsters and Raiders

Despite it's reputation of being incapable of supporting life, some things still live here. Mostly predators that can strike quickly and hide swiftly. This includes the aforementioned monsters as well as mortal raiders such as the Gray Angels that prey on the railroads and skyships travelling from the Zone.

Sovranty of Lozar

Map of the Sovranty of Lozar.

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