Duchy of Tarfydd

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Proper Name:  Duchy of Tarfydd
Ruler: Duke Teilfyr Tarfydd (NG male human, aristocrat 5/ fighter 6)
Seat of Government: Ygfyr
Cities: Ygfyr (LC), Cerassil (SC)
Population: Human 70%, halfling 9%, elf 8%, dwarf 6%, gnome 5%, half-elf 1%, half-orc 1%
Law: NG

  A land of farmers and woodsmen, they live under the protection of influence of druids.   Shorthand/Influences: Stonehenge, druids, mysticism faeries and mushroom rings.
Sovranty of Lozar

Map of the Sovranty of Lozar.

Geopolitical, Duchy
Government System
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