Duchy of Arro

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Proper Name: Duchy of Arro
Ruler: Duke Malik Arro (CG male human, aristocrat 10)
Government: Monarchy/Republic
Seat of Government: Unicorn Fork
Cities: Unicorn Fork (LC)
Resources: Crafts, weapons, foodstuffs
Population: Human 37%, gnome 22%, halfling 18%, elf 10%, dwarf 7%, half-elf 5%, half-orc 1%
Law: CG

  Shorthand/Influences: Robin Hood, merry adventures, archery.

Demography and Population

Humans, gnomes, halflings
Elves, dwarves, half-elves

Strike swiftly, aim true.

Sovranty of Lozar

Map of the Sovranty of Lozar.

Geopolitical, Duchy
Parent Organization

Cover image: World of Wizard's Peak World Header by Gillian Galang


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