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Peninsula of Lozar

Lozar is a land of stunning beauty from the wild forests of Hartshome to the high mountains of Silver Range and Ironspike, from the rolling hills of Warmshire to the abundant Vitran Coast and Talinian Tidepools. It is also a land of ancient cities, hospitable towns, rustic villages and safe, well maintained roads. Unfortunately, Lozar is also home to a wound on the face of Erathia, the Kirinal Pit.


Lozar is located on the south western coast of the continent of Krosia where the Vitran Sea and Talinian Ocean meet. It is an ancient nation forged from disparate kingdoms by the Tridenser Knights millennia ago. Today, those kingdoms are the sixteen duchies. On the surface they look the same, but their cultures and philosophies can be surprisingly dissimilar.


The Spine of Krosia

The Ironspikes, the Silver Range and the Mist Mountains are three mountain ranges that form Lozar's traditional northern border. They are also a part of the larger system of mountains that extend along the length of the Krosian continent. The lands north of the Spine are the Border Baronies, buffer zones of mostly nonproductive land that Lozar maintains as a shield against the aggression of it's northern neighbors, humanoid and barbarian tribes along with the upstart nation of Borthakar.

The Ironspikes

The Ironspikes run from west to east near Lozar's northern border. The western end of this range curls down into the Talinian Ocean while the eastern portion ends where the Silver Range begins. These immense granite mountains have been inhabited by dwarves for as long as the elves can remember. Naturally, the most productive iron mines in Lozar can be found here. They also serve as a source for copper, gold, some adamantite, small quantities of precious gems, granite and other materials for construction.

The Silver Range

These mountains form the middle portion of the Spine of Krosia in Lozar. The western end rises from the eastern foothills of the Ironspikes just as the Silver Range's eastern foothills give rise to the Mist Mountains. The Silver Range got it's name for the prolific silver mines that dot the mountains. They are also a source for tin, copper, small amounts of mithril, precious gems and fine marble. However, until recently, the Silver Range was notoriously difficult for caravans to traverse. That has changed in recent decades, however, with the founding and establishment of Wizard's Peak University and the city of Magus Valley.

The Mist Mountains

The Mist Mountains are the eastern-most part of the Spine of Krosia in Lozar. As the name implies, these mountains are constantly shrouded in mist and fog. These mysterious peaks are uninhabited by any of the regular races of (demi) humanity. Some explorers claim that the Mist Mountains are home to a race of bird men, giant eagles, various types of dragons and all kinds of giants. These claims remain unproven. Few who venture into the Mist Mountains return.

The Kirinal Wastes

The lands surrounding the former capital city of Kirinal and the Kirinal Pit itself are now known as the Kirinal Wastes. The Disintegration of Kirinal not only left a seething hole where the city once stood, it desolated miles of countryside, killed forests and changed the course of rivers. The Kirinal Wastes are comprised of the Kirinal Pit itself, the Grey Forests, and the Shadow Bog. The former citizens of Kirinal Duchy, with the help of the druids, tried for many years to bring the Wastes back to life. Unfortunately, their efforts have been unsuccessful, the land seems to grow only weeds and the Shadow Bog has become a breeding ground for evil. Attacks by creatures rising from the Pit and the Bog have become almost a daily occurence. The Wastes are constantly patrolled by soldiers based at Wizard's Peak. Humans and demi-humans have begun leaving Kirinal Duchy in droves, heading for more secure lands to the west.

The Kirinal Pit

The Kirinal Pit is a scar on the planet 10 miles in diameter. Some say that it is 1 mile deep, although no one has reached the bottom and survived. It marks the location of the last and greatest battle of the Lichwars and is the grave of Lozar's former capital, Kirinal. A fount of wild magic and seething chaos, the Pit has proven to be the source of strange creatures and invaders from other realms. Those creatures that slip through the watchtowers and the constant patrols make their homes in the Grey Forests of dead and dying trees around the Pit and the Shadow Bog to the south of it.

The Grey Forests

Once upon a time, the forests of Brightwood surrounded the capital city of Kirinal. They served as a hunting ground for the Tridenser King and his court and home to a teeming population of wildlife, centaurs, wood elves and other sylvan creatures. The Disintegration of Kirinal changed all that. Now the Grey Forest is a place of dead trees and dark powers. Any vegetation that grows here is warped by wild magic, taking on strange forms and sinister shapes. Alien creatures escaping from the Pit make their homes here now, along with the undead and the twisted remnants of whatever sylvan life remains.

The Shadow Bog

The Shadow Bog lies south of the Kirinal Pit. Through some unknown magic, the waters of the Kirinal River flow into the Pit from the north and rise out of it in the south. These waters then fill the Shadow Bog. The Swamp of Moss was a natural place filled with life before the Disintegration. Now, the Shadow Bog has replaced it and covers much more area than the Swamp ever did. The interior of the Shadow Bog is a lightless stagnant place, filled with parasitic beings that drain the life from the normal lands around it. The Bog is known to be home to black dragons, hydras, hags and other sinister swamp dwellers.

Hartshome Forest

The Talinian Coast

The Vitran Coast


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    The Sovranty of Lozar, 8 miles per hex.   Travel Times on Road/Rail Walking Normal Walking Pace - 3 hexes per day. Fast Walking Pace - 4 hexes per day.   Trains Trains travel at 30 mph and have a range of 600 miles before refueling = 3.75 hexes/hour, 15 hexes/4 hours, 75 hexes/day
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