The gods withdrew from the world to save it. We know from their sacrifice that they loved us. We clerics hold space here in the world for them since their voices have been muted. The divine power that we manifest proves that they are still out there. The gods still answer our prayers.

The gods can no longer manifest in the world. CIvilization is changing and nothing is how it used to be. In these precarious times, the priests and clerics of the gods continue to manifest divine power and interpret divine will. Despite the physical absence of the gods, Heaven still manifests in the Kirinal Pit once a week. The churches remain as powerful as they did before the Gods Withdrew.

Now the world has changed again and two of the lost Six Moons have risen in the sky. The old god Malfador flies in his ship above the world. The newborn goddess Jenevieve recovers from her apotheosis on the Silversong Moon. There is much for the clergy of all the gods to do.

A soulforged in simple robes stands at the Eastern Gate in the Citadel of Anam. They quietly raise their hand and the crowd of excited pilgrims cease their rapturous chatter. "We stand at the gateway to Heaven. The Pit has once again given us its weekly miracle. Compose yourselves and prepare to receive the blessing." With a gesture of their mechanical hand, the gates to Heaven open wide.

With a mace in one hand and her sun symbol in the other, the half-elf sister strides along the parapets of the Pit Wall. She smites down undead shadows while also blessing her followers. "Just one more hour before Lord Rampol takes to the sky! Just enough time for us to sing the "Canticle of the Sun and Moon"!

Three priests of the Infernal Triumvirate gather in the Tamakreton. Hordes of recruits kneel before them. In red and gold robes, the changeling cleric of Malfador leads them. "We anoint you with the Salt of Avatar Xeno!"

A hobgoblin war priest in black and red armor holds up crossed axes dripping with red, "The blood of Ar-Tamak seals you!"

A dragonborn matriarch takes to the sky above the horde, garbed in stripes of white, black, green, red, and blue. "The fire of Tiamat cleanses you!" And she fills the sky above them with fire. As the ash floats down, the horde roars out their approval.

Sister Ninoa, Half-elf Cleric of St. T'Kor

Sister Ninoa Nothnagel fights for Anam, the God of Justice in the name of St. T'Kor. She serves at the Soul Storage Spire receiving undead souls for storage and eventual rebirth as soulforged.


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