Inner Ring

The inner railroad line circling the Kirinal Pit 10 miles from the rim. The Inner Ring is one of the main demarcations of the Kirinal Concordance Zone. The term also applies to all of the area between the Pit Wall and the Inner Ring Railroad.

The Concordant Mandates specify that the Inner Ring be kept clear of foliage and settlements to deprive cover to enemies that get past the Pit Wall. The riotous growth of the Anomalous Forest is the only exception, but the elves and druids are well equipped to patrol that slice of the Zone.

The great cities of the Zone also lie within the borders of the Inner Ring. The Mandates originally mandated that they be built at the five-mile point away from the Pit. Those cities have grown considerably since their founding and they easily cover the area from the five-mile point to the 10-mile point of the Inner Ring.

The Inner Ring Railroad runs for 251.33 miles with stops at the borders at each of the "Embassy Cities" and stops at the border of each Canton. There are eight border stops and eight city stops. It takes roughly one hour to go from one city station to the next city station and half an hour from city station to the border.


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