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Aswang are monsters created when mortals accidentally or purpsefully ingest a parasitic creature that transforms them into a pseudo-undead monstrosity called an aswang. There are many types of aswang, but they all undergo a gruesome transformation at night and are also overcome with some type of cannibalistic hunger.

By day, they lead normal mortal lives among ordinary people. They have jobs and families and can be productive members of society. However, even in their mortal form, they abhor substances that are anathema to supernatural creatures: salt, silver, cold, iron, vinegar, garlic, and the holy symbols of good deities.

Types of Aswang

False Undead Aswang

The black chick has the power to transform its host into an undead creature at night while they still live an ordinary life during the day. Some hosts are unaware of their transformation, living a tortured existence, wondering why they never feel rested.

Others have become aware of their altered nature, either reveling in their second life or seeking out a cure for their infestation.

Vampire Aswang

The most human-looking aswang become vampires at night. Instead of the typical vampire fangs, their tongue turns into a long proboscis, like a mosquito. Their normal tongue returns at dawn.

Ghoul Aswang

These aswang turn into carrion eaters, basically becoming indistinguishable from the common undead found throughout the world. During the day they are normal mortals. They can sometimes be detected by their rank, pungent smell.

Viscera Sucker Aswang (Manananggal)

The most radical aswang transformations occur among the manananggal. These undead monstrosities undergo a gruesome transformation at night, growing sharp nails, bat wings, and a long proboscis tongue.

Their body splits at the waist, and their upper torso flies off into the night dragging intestines behind it in a search for victims. The lower half of their body is stashed hidden away, waiting for the upper half to reconnect at the end of the night.

Lycanthrope Aswang

Aswang can also cause lycanthrope in their victims. This affliction follows most of the normal rules of lycanthrope. However, the victim also has the vulnerabilities of all aswang listed below and they cannot transfer the curse with a bite. The black chick can cause all of the typical types of werecreatures.

Warlock Aswang

Some patrons force their warlocks to ingest a black chick as part of their pact. These warlocks can usually focus the curse into arcane powers, avoiding the negative parts of the infestation. However, if the warlock offends its patron, the patron can turn on as many of the negative effects as it wants.

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