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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an industrial, mining, logging or other production settlement.
A total of 416 entries

Nellindill Plastics Production District

Nuremberg craftsmen once again prove their skill

Karnhem - Light at the Edge of the World

Prompt 29: Carson's Greith Mining Camp

Jebediah Grimstone's Rockin' Quarry and Emporium

Military Alchemy Manufactory in Lyon

Ice Farming Settlement of White River.

Andrevel, The Town of Misfortune

The Rice Gnomes Secret Black Opal Mine

Lumberton of Southern Star Archipelago on Oceania - Prompt #29 An industrial, mining, logging or other production settlement

The Platinum Asteroid Belt of Exon-12

Henry's Excavation and Steelworks Company

794.II, 15 Floii: Greenwood Camp

Hundermak: An Underground Mining City

Eldurfell: A town of More Than Metal - By Luna Sverovarg