The ultimate RPG Campaign Manager!

An image of a session plan in World Anvil’s DnD campaign planner, which also supports Pathfinder Campaign planner activities!

Plan your adventures with our D&D Campaign planner

Our RPG campaign planner works for any system! Quickly plan your adventures, pull in stat blocks from our extensive library, add images, music, interactive dungeon maps and more! You can prep your session, your NPCs and keep track of your world easily, with World Anvil’s worldbuilding features. For bigger campaigns, keep track of factions, timelines, player journeys, and your campaign setting details easily. World Anvil supports dozens of systems, so whether you’re looking for a D&D campaign planner, Pathfinder Campaign planner or something else, we’ve got you covered!

Organize your campaign sessions with a bespoke RPG campaign manager!

When you’re ready to start the session, World Anvil’s RPG campaign manager keeps all your information at your fingertips with our online dungeon masters screen, which helps you keep things moving around the table! You can take notes, play music, create NPCs, roll dice, reference stat blocks, and even peek at your PCs sheets quickly and easily, and all from a single tab!

An image of World Anvil’s online dungeon masters screen, an integral part of the online RPG campaign manager tool set
A DnD campaign article containing a homebrew stat block, showcasing world Anvil’s online D&D campaign manager support.

A tailored D&D Campaign Manager for all your homebrew needs!

World Anvil’s D&D campaign manager tools help you access the complete Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition SRD, both during play and when planning your adventures! Draw on thousands of additional community stat blocks to speed up your session prep, and homebrew your own stat DnD 5e stat blocks for anything - spells and items, monsters, classes, and races! Place them in your campaign setting, search them in our online DM’s screen, and roll them instantly at your table! It’s the ultimate D&D campaign organizer for planning, playing and session reports, all in one!

Or how about a Pathfinder campaign manager, or for any other system or setting?

World Anvil supports dozens of systems and settings, and if you’re looking for a Pathfinder campaign manager there’s none better! Plan your sessions with the complete Pathfinder SRD at your fingertips, and even homebrew your own statblocks in both Pathfinder and Pathfinder 2! Or check out our other supported systems!

A list of the systems supported by World Anvil. World Anvil is the best Pathfinder campaign manager, as well as supporting all other major systems - Starfinder, Savage Worlds, Fate, and more!
World Anvil has Foundry VTT integration and support, with more plans for even more two-way access soon!

Foundry VTT integration and support

If a VTT is your tabletop, World Anvil is your session plans, your notes, your online dungeon masters screen, and everything else! But what if you want to draw your plans and notes directly into your VTT? World Anvil does just that with Foundry VTT, one of the best VTTs out there! Get your information directly to your virtual tabletop and to your players. Soon, you’ll be able to push your notes back to World Anvil too!

Create your own role playing game system

Did you know you can make your own role playing game system with World Anvil? Tailor your own stat block templates, manage your rules sets, run play tests and share your system with the world! It’s a great place to release an SRD, making your system accessible to others too!

An image of Ethnis lite, just one example of an RPG system created on World Anvil

Campaign management is just one capability of the ever-expanding World Anvil toolset...

As well as storing and organizing your campaign settings in World Anvil, did you know that you can give secret information to some of your players, and not others? And why not check out our incredible creative community, to find new players, enter challenges, and up your skills with our expert advice and interviews?


World Anvil is the ULTIMATE RPG Campaign
Manager and Homebrew world building toolset

... and with it you can...


Build the complete, living world behind your tabletop RPG games. Create your lore, NPCs, locations, monsters and adventures.


Showcase your world in all its glory and let your players explore and discover the hidden wonders you choose to share.


Keep your notes and ideas safe - in years to come you'll be able to search through and remember them like you wrote them yesterday.


Work by yourself or get your players to help you, expand your lore and their backstories.


Create your campaign, invite your players, manage your sessions and have everything you've created in front of you in a single screen.


Join a community of over 750,000 worldbuilders and Dungeon Masters happy and willing to help you become the best tormentor Dungeon Master you can be!