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Wizard's Peak University

Wizard's Peak University, is the most prestigious magical institution in the world of Erathia. It holds a storied history that traces back to its founding in the late 2990s by Chagroth Durinhelm, the Navigator of Worlds himself. The university has been a beacon of magical excellence in Western Krosia and beyond. It was founded during the cataclysmic events of the Lichwars and was one of the world's bastions during the War Against the Far Realm.


Founding and Early Years

During his youth, Chagroth Durinhelm discovered Wizard's Peak, a mysterious mountain nestled in the heart of the Silver Range in Lozar. He confirmed that this mountain possessed a unique property of amplifying magical energies for mages standing near its peak. Armed with this knowledge and holding a favor from the Tridenser King of Lozar, Chagroth was granted title to the lands surrounding Wizard's Peak. As the new Baron, he took the initiative to establish a small school of magic amidst the untamed wilderness of the Silver Range.

In the initial years, the institution was known as Wizard's Peak Academy, welcoming only a handful of students and instructors, with Chagroth himself among the teaching faculty. His primary focus during this period was on the creation and maintenance of Teleport Circles within and outside Lozar, which proved invaluable during the Lichwars.

The Lichwars and Expansion

In 3000, the Lichwars engulfed the continent of Krosia, threatening to bring the entire continent under the rule of the Lich King. As the Magus College in Kirinal and the Warrior Schools faced relentless attacks, the Tridenser King T'Kor recognized the need for a secure training ground for elite soldiers and mages. Wizard's Peak's isolation and the presence of Teleport Circles made it an ideal choice. In a clandestine move, Chagroth was named Count Silver Range and tasked with civilizing the mountains, resulting in the transformation of Wizard's Peak Academy into Wizard's Peak University.

During the Lichwars, the university became a bustling hub of activity and construction, drawing vast resources and personnel through the Teleport Circles. It became the premier training ground for Lozar's mages, fighters, rangers, paladins, spies, and clerics. This influx of talent ensured that most of the warriors and mages who fought under the Tridenser Banner during the Lichwars were trained at Wizard's Peak University.

However, the Disintegration of Kirinal, a catastrophic event marking the end of the Lichwars, severely impacted the university. Wild magic surges triggered by Kirinal's destruction caused devastation, destroying the Teleport Circles and significant portions of the campus. Tragically, many students, faculty members, Chagroth's personal belongings, and his family were lost in the chaos.

Rebuilding and Ascendancy

Contemplating a life of isolation, Chagroth faced a momentous decision. Fueled by his duty to his country and his surviving children, he chose to rebuild Wizard's Peak University as a testament to his wife and son's memory. With relentless determination, he forged ahead, rebuilding the university into an even greater institution than before.

During the Lozarian Succession Wars, Chagroth supported Lord Vasilius' claim to the throne. However, with Vasilius' assassination, Chagroth withdrew from politics to focus on developing Wizard's Peak University and taming Silver Range County. The university's reputation soared, attracting students and settlers to Magus Valley, as the roads built by Chagroth facilitated trade and commerce.

With the support of the new king, Chagroth achieved his goal. Wizard's Peak University cemented its position as the foremost magical institution in Western Krosia and a renowned training ground for warriors and clerics. Beyond its magical prowess, it also served as the clandestine training ground for the Royal Lozarian Intelligence.

Chagroth Steps Down

During the second Kirinal Catastrophe, on the Day of Dispelling, Chagroth moved the great crystal that was the secret of Wizard's Peak's power, The Heart of Wizard's Peak to the northern rim of the Kirinal Pit where it serves as the foundation of Chagroth's Tower.

With the rise of the Concordance and the building of the Orrery of Worlds, Chagroth could no longer continue his duties as Chancellor of WPU. He resigned and the Diviner Malachai became the second ever Chancellor of the school.

Founding the Silver Assembly

In the midst of the War Against the Far Realm the Concordance for Survival was formed to create the Kirinal Concordance Zone as a neutral protectorate that could contain the chaos of the Kirinal Pit. The Concordance for Survival Treaty called for the creation of eight co-equal alliances to administrate the eight fortresses and eight slices of the neutral zone.

Wizard's Peak University was chosen to join the Silver Assembly along with Silver Range Duchy, the Duchy of Taristrae, Barony of Greystone, and the Kingdom of Corgi. Together they administer the Northern Canton of the Zone and WPU became an influential political power as well as a university.

Since that time, WPU has remained the foremost university for magical research in the world. Magus Valley has grown into a beacon of prosperity and magical advancement. Many great discoveries and advancements in Maharlitech have taken place and are being researched here.

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