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Day of Dispelling

The 32nd Day of Nar, 3040(7/32/3040)

The second Kirinal Catastrophe, the Kirinal Explosion, was an eruption of magic so violent that it formed a magical singularity sucking all matter into it, widening the Kirinal Pit from 10-miles to a 30-miles, and ending magic on the world of Erathia for 24 hours.

The gods were silenced. Portals to other worlds were closed. Wards and enchantments that had been in place for millenia were ended. Every permanent enchantment in the world was erased.

Thousands died as magical flying devices fell to the earth and underwater settlements were drowned. Simple undead lost their animating magic and every teleport circle in the world was erased. Magical prisons failed, but without their unnatural powers, most of the prisoners were held in place by mundane cells and restraints.

Hellish Revelations

The human chauvinists of the Grand Duchy of Molndal were shocked to discover that a hidden race of Tieflings had been living side by side with them for generations, hidden by illusions. Mobs of horrified humans went from door to door, dragging tieflings out of their homes and murdering them in the street.

That's my daughter! I don't care if she's a tiefling, she's still my blood! Get your plebian hands off of her!

— Rielin Molndal, Duke of the Grand Duchy of Molndal

The massacre ended with the revelation that the Duke's beloved First Concubine and their daughter were tieflings. The Duke exerted his noble influence to save them and end the slaughter. Since then, tieflings have become an integral and (begrudgingly) accepted part of life in the Grand Duchy.

Legionmaster Harmony Tun-Razak
Legionmaster Harmony Tun-Razak by Chris L - Heroforge
Baron Tun-Razak is the tiefling daughter of Count Hellenbrecht Tun-Razak. She is a Legionmaster at the Bulwark of Light and the highest ranking Tiefling in the Order of Light.

The Valley of Monsters

Silent Clover, Tabaxi Ranger
Silent Clover quietly stalks the valley of Lost Sollo. She preys upon the great beasts of the valley, selling hides and horn to the highest bidder.

At the end of their Age the giants hid themselves away. Their valley that became known as Lost Sollo. The magic they used completley removed the vale from the world. The mountains closed up around where it used to be, and the Age of Mortals began. A legendary destination for adventurers, no one realized that it couldn't be found because it was no longer there.

I spent a century of my life trying to find the Valley of the Giants. Only to find out it was never really there.

— Dwoker Greypike, Dwarven Explorer

On the Day of Dispelling a narrow mountain pass exanded into a valley the size of a subcontinent. A million years had gone by in the giant's pocket reality. Their civilization was long extinct and enormous monsters had evolved to take their place. Completely new mortal peoples inhabited the valley. Tabaxi, aarackocra, tortles, and other sapients have left Sollo to take their place in the outside world..

Birth of the Dragonborn

Like the giants, the dragons retreated to the island of Darastrix Tolgalen at the end of the Age of Monsters. Like the giants, they invoked immense magical wards to seal themselves off from the worlds. Time also passed more quickly for them, but instead of a million years, only thousands flew by. Confined to only one subcontinent, the dragons adapted. Over time they became a new people, the dragonborn.

I had sailed those waters a hundred times, but on the Day of Dispelling, none of my charts or maps mattered anymore. A great big island full of dragon folk! Just sitting there where the best fishing grounds in the Talinian Ocean used to be!

— Bandrick Saltsail, Crusty Old Fisher

Entire nations of isolationist dragonborn still exist on the Island of Dragons. They have no interest in the outside world. Any dragonborn who leave the island are forbidden to return. The Island has managed to keep its secrets.

Silverzilla, Barbarian Adventurer
by Chris L
Silverzilla left the snowy lands of the north to seek her destiny at the Kirinal Pit. She has become embroiled in the legend of the Last Warlock.

Monstrous Jailbreaks

Some monsters got away. They shattered their bonds and stormed off to freedom. They melted into darkness and slid into dreams. They took the faces of their captors and live among mortal families in stolen mortal flesh. Legendary monsters and nightmarish aswang remember the Dispelling as their Day of Freedom. They prey on the mortal races and take revenge for their confinement.

There is no accounting of all of them, but the most feared are:

  • The Face Collector
  • The Glutton
  • The Forlorn
  • Sorrowchild
  • Ashbody

Cover image: by Chris L


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