Character Creation

Players in my campaigns should create their characters in I can assign you a blank character or you can import your character into one of my campaigns. From there, you'll have access to the sourcebooks and homebrew features that we'll be using.

I allow all official 5E content in my games and some 3rd Party and homebrew content that I've purchased or created. If you're interested in using something, ask me about it and we'll figure it out. You can use all of the optional class features found in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. That should be available to you if you're in one of my shared D&D Beyond campaigns.

Your particular campaign may or may not have additional criteria. Just remember, the more you can root your character in the world, the more I can tailor adventures and plots around your character. A paragraph or two of flavor and backstory is plenty.

The World of Wizard's Peak

The main area of play is the western portion of the continent Krosia on the world of Erathia. Play will center around the Kirinal Pit and the Kirinal Concordance Zone. The area is a cosmopolitan conglomeration of ancestries and ethnicities assembled to both defend the world from the Pit and exploit it's resources.

All the standard D&D races are available for play. The cross-dimensional cosmopolitan nature of the Zone allows for you to play any other mix of ancestry and character that you want. However, for some direction, I'm going to include some of the common ancestry/class archetypes that you can expect to find in the World.

Archetypal Beginning Character Combos in WoWP

by Chris L

Dragonborn Warlock
Cultist of the Moon Eater

Dwarf Artificer
Mechanic for The Tortoise

Genasi Monk
Seer of Shadow and Heaven

Gnome Sorcerer
Overseer of Thralls at the Magister's Enclave

Halfling Ranger
Crow Rider Scout

Orc Rogue
Detective of the Zone Authority

Tiefling Fighter
Light Trooper of the Order of Light

by Chris L

1. Rolling for Stats

Your choice of
  1. Use the standard array
  2. Point Buy (27 points)
  3. Make 2 sets of 4d6 drop the lowest. Choose one of the sets.

2. Ancestry/Race

This is a work in progress

3. Character Class

This is a work in progress

Note, all the classes are playable, but warlocks are not trusted in this world. If you choose warlock, you will be regulated by the Zone Authority, or you can be an illegal, unregistered warlock with a bounty on your head.

4. Backgrounds

You can choose any backgrounds available in core D&D 5E. We can discuss backgrounds from other sources or 3rd parties.

I definitely have a lot of custom backgrounds for the setting that are not written up yet.

5. Equipment

Starting equipment packages from 5e.

You will probably begin play with additional equipment based on your campaign.

Most campaigns in the Kirinal Concordance Zone will require that your characters have and bear an Ident-a-hedron or a counterfeit from the Anti-hedrons or a Warlock's Ident-a-hedron.


The gods used to walk the world, but they withdrew 150+ years before the current era and locked the world behind a Divine Gate. They still grant spells and speak through their clergy. Some gods provide followers power beyond the abilities granted to clerics, druids, and paladins.

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