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Throughout history half-orcs have had to battle prejudice and suspicion from both sides of their heritage. Long thought of as a dark reminder of orcish invasions, most were not aware that half-orcs were just as often products of love and passion.

Borthakar, Orc-Blood Empire

In the years after the Lichwars the half-orc Safaran warlord Aurag, a war priest of Ar-Tamak, carved out an empire in the chaos following the Disintegration of Kirinal. He encouraged his fellow half-orcs to come from neighboring nations to join him in his new nation and they came in overwhelming numbers to claim their place in his empire.

Aurag raised half-orcs as the ruling class of Borthakaran society and they remain there to this day.

Rhelti Steelspear, Half Orc Fighter
by Chris L
A Warleader of the Empire of Borthakar. Rhelti Steelspear leads legions of warriors in the frozen Northlands.
Empire of Borthakar
Organization | Jun 22, 2021

An orcish empire in northern Krosia founded by Safaran soldiers stranded in western Krosia.

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