Ancestry & Ethnicity in World of Wizard's Peak


The following races can be found in the World of Wizard's Peak.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

Celestial children born to achieve a goal or advance a cause. They choose whether or not to fulfill that destiny.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

Dark spirits or ordinary people transformed into monsters by a tiny parasitic fiend.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

Changelings hide in plain sight among other peoples trying to make a life for themselves and their families.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

Exiles from the Isle of Dragons make new lives for themselves among the other mortals.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

Dwarven civilization is torn between the modern world and their ancient traditions.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

The elves have come back from near extinction fiercer and with a renewed lust for life.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

Mortals with elemental blood thrive in the modern world of the Zone.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

Mechanical geniuses and shy mages, gnomes are perfectly at home in a magitech world.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

Goblins strive to overcome a horrific past to become the best versions of themselves.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

In the modern Zone, the mixed heritage of half-elves allows them to find their place anywhere.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

Half-orcs have always fought the stigma of their warring heritage. They now have the freedom to reach their full potential.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

Living in the shadows of their noisier neighbors, halflings make the best cooks and hunters.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

The hobgoblin people keep to themselves in Eastern Krosia. They alone will decide when to interact with the other mortal races.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

Humans cities are found in every environment and on every continent on the world.

Species | Sep 15, 2023

A general word for sentient mechanical folk. Generally used to refer to those not created through the soul forge process.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

Freed from he domination of dark gods, the orcs are finally able to join the other mortal races as members of civilization.

Species | Nov 18, 2023

The rabbitfolk were thought extinct when the moon shattered. To everyone's surprise, they had survived to become a fierce warrior race and valued ally in the Far War.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

The descendants of weres and other shapeshifters. These mortals can shfit between human and bestial forms.

Species | Jul 20, 2023

Lost souls in mechanical bodies, given a second chance at life.

Species | Jun 15, 2023

People descended from fiends who mixed with mortals.


Ethnicity | Jun 15, 2023

A group in the Zone opposed to ident-a-hedrons on religious grounds. They live in the Zone without ID

Ethnicity | Jun 15, 2023

Elvish children spend the first 100 years of their lives in the quicktime of the Feywild as only a few years pass on the mortal world.

Goblin Culture
Ethnicity | Jun 15, 2023

A treatise on the culture of goblins in Western Krosia. (With commentary by Of the Forge the Spark, an actual goblin.)

Ethnicity | Jun 15, 2023

Short swarthy horse masters, these humans hail from the Red Plains.

Ethnicity | Jun 15, 2023

From the lands of Karifar, these sea faring people have taken naturally to skyships.

Ethnicity | Jun 15, 2023

These dark skinned and curly haired folk hail from the continent of Bekebeth. They travel the southern oceans of the world.

Ethnicity | Nov 27, 2023

The resdients of the KCZ live next to the Pit, profiting from opportunities, while mitigating the dangers.

Ethnicity | Nov 18, 2023

Through some miracle the Lapin rabbitfolk survived the shattering of Thaya's Moon and continue to thrive as the moon's only native sophonts.

Ethnicity | Feb 3, 2022
Ethnicity | Jun 16, 2021

The pale skinned, golden haired residents of Molndal. Famous for their bountiful grain fields and gold mines.

Mountain Jakar
Ethnicity | Nov 18, 2023

The Mountain Jakar have made the most out of the sudden appearance of a cave of dinosaurs on their lands.

Ethnicity | Dec 25, 2020

Descendants of one of the first great human empires. They dwell in the city of Numor ad Freal Numor.

Ethnicity | Jun 15, 2023

A people composed of allied hobgoblins and humans. They recall their imperial past with nostalgia.

Ethnicity | Sep 5, 2023

This nation of sailors has spread throughout the known world, bringing the songs, customs, and magic of their homeland wherever they go.

Ethnicity | Nov 18, 2023

Outlaws, religious zealots, and monsters hide in the Kirinal Wastelands. They seek to avoid the attention of the law.

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