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In ages past, half-elves were rare and seen as mistakes. They were the result of a single night of passion or the imprudent fruit of a reckless romance. Every human town of a certain size had a long-lived half-elf living among them. Many elven settlements had a short-lived half-elf who died quickly before anyone could get to know them.

However, with the death of a generation of elves in the tragedy of the First Armada and the War Against the Far Realm, half-elves are welcome among elven society. Elves seek out half-elves and dark elves to come live among them and make families. They need the variation in their bloodlines to prevent the extinction of the elven people.

Here and there throughout the world, entire communities of half-elves exist as a people of their own. They can relax and feel like they have a home of their own instead of constantly being split between the two sides of their nature.

Sister Ninoa, Half-elf Cleric of St. T'Kor

Sister Ninoa Nothnagel fights for Anam, the God of Justice in the name of St. T'Kor. She serves at the Soul Storage Spire receiving undead souls for storage and eventual rebirth as soulforged.


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