Silver Gate District

The former skyship port outside of Tower Town, along with its attendant docks and warehouses, had fallen into disrepute. As so often happens, the area attracted a criminal element along with bohemian artistes. That particular mix always ends up creating the best restaurants, taverns, and music clubs in every city I've ever visited!
Silver Gate's my favorite playground! The mix-o-mancers at Tito Corben's make better pyres than the original Corbin's back in the Bay! You can always find a good twiddlefitch dance partner at Grig's!

The Silver Gate District of Tower Town comes to life when the sun sets and crowds fill inns, taverns, and art spaces. Loud music and lively dancing fill dance clubs as patrons relax on rooftop beer gardens after a busy day of research or engineering in the Zone's center of learning and arcane research. Apartments here are inexpensive, the raucous crowds and frequent street festivals attract itinerant renters and prevent people with families from putting down roots.

History of Silver Gate

The first airships in the Zone were created in Magus Valley and their first route flew to and from Town a century ago. The early airships relied on super light flammable gas to float. After an airship early airship exploded, taking out the South Road Warehouse District, they were deemed too dangerous to keep inside the city walls or near the new railroads.

Although dangerous the dirigibles were still kept in service. New sky docks and fire-proof warehouses were built for them outside the walls and away from the railways. The new district was named "Silver Gate" because it was a direct flight from there to Magus Valley in the Silver Range Mountains. Eventually with hex crystal magitech, the dangerous dirigibles were replaced with magical levitation. That technology removed the threat of catastrophic explosions, allowing a new sky port to be safely built in the Forge District.

When the airship docks followed the new railroad from Silver Gate to the Forge, they left behind large empty warehouses and berths. Silver Gate fell into disrepair and became a sordid, disreputable neighborhood full of the working poor who couldn't afford to live inside the protective walls. The "Outer Wall" portion of the district especially attracted criminals who could more easily avoid the the the Tower Town Guard outside the city walls.

The "Inner Wall" portion remained popular with middle class merchants and craftsmen who still serviced skyships in the Forge District. Shipwright docks and skyshipyards still remain where they were first built throughout Silver Gate.

The cheap rents in the District attracted artists and craftsmen to both Inner and Outer Silver Gate. They were followed by restaurants, taverns, and inns. These businesses have agreements with the criminal enterprises amongst them, paying them for "protection" while the Guard turns a blind eye. In the past few decades, business has been booming in Silver Gate.

Prominent Businesses

The heart of Silver Gate are it's fabulous clubs, restaurants, and taverns. Among them the most famous are:

Grig's Grotto

The best dance club in the Zone sits in the Outer Wall and plays a variety of music to match the days of the week. Their most popular night is the Heaven's Night Dance when troopers from across the Zone come to dance before their lives might end on Shatter.

Campus Cantrips

This rooftop beer garden in the Inner Wall section features a laid back atmosphere on top of a magical library that shares the same name. Older wizards and graduates of Wizard's Peak University frequent many of the tables, taking the opportunity to cast magic into the open sky above them.

Tito Corbin's

A sister location of the famous City of Talinside Bay tavern that originated Drinks That Are On Fire. Thei mix-o-mancers are considered the best in the world.

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