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Drinks That Are On Fire

The flaming drinks common in bars around The Kirinal Pit represent the Pit itself. A sweet liqueur represents the goodness of life, the fire represents the conflict... Bwahahaha! Sorry recruits! I can't keep a straight face on this one. We like flaming drinks because they're fun!

— Sgt. Kill Flayer

The Initial Spark

Legend says that the first flaming drinks were made at "Tito Corbin's Tavern" in Talinside Bay. He used cheap alcohol that had to have the imputities burned and the taste masked with sugary juices.

The bartenders made a great show of setting high proof spirits on fire and transferring them from glass to glass, sometimes with magic. The fiery show also made it easier for the unscrupulous Tito Corbin to send his pickpockets through the credulous crowds.

Unfortunately for Corbin, the dockside bars were frequented by smugglers and pirates. Once they caught wind of his schemes, the outlaws doused him in his own cheap liquor and set him on fire. To this day, the "Tito Corbin" is still drunk in his honor.

Tito Corbin's Pyre

Making this drink is both a performance and a prayer. High proof rum, a spoonful of sugar, and water are mixed in a metal cup. It's lit on fire and poured back and forth between metal cups, arcing fire dramatically.

The drink is served witha garnish of bacon and a prayer in memory of Tito Corbin.

Tito Corbin set his drinks on fire.

Then stole his patron's gold.

Pirates threw him on a pyre.

Now Tito Corbin's never cold.

Show spoiler
If someone makes a "Tito Corbin's Pyre" without saying the prayer, there's a 1% chance that Corbin's ghost will come visit you!

Catching Fire

As the custom of "drinks that are on fire" spread, every bar in every town came up with their own version. The most popular include:


A line of high proof shots are lined up on a bar and set ablaze all at once with a cantrip.

Devil's Nectar

A blazing spiral of citrus peel rises out of a mixture of coffee, brandy, and liqueur.


A favorite of students at WPU and new recruits on the Pit as a rite of passage. A sweet liqueur in a shot glass is set on fire and dropped into a pint of beer.

The whole drink must be chugged all at once to avoid the ridicule of their peers.

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