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My WorldEmber Pledge

It's my fourth WorldEmber, but only my third intentional one! I have the badge for 2019, but that year I wasn't part of the community and didn't actually know what I was doing. Since I started joining World Anvil events in the plague year of 2020, my world building and writing has grown by leaps and bounds. I'm so grateful to World Anvil and the community for encouraging and enabling the creative parts of myself that I thought were long dead.

The Plan and the Project

This year, I'm intending to use World Ember to fill out stub articles that are lingering around. Some of them are as old as my site here, and some are fresh from brand new writing I've done as recently as this week! In addition, I want to challenge myself to write some fiction. I pledge to write short stories set in my world from the point of view of those living in it. I want to include everyone from the most powerful down to children and common people.

Kitoypoy's 2022 WorldEmber Pledge by WA Dionysus


I'll be writing short stories and articles from the points of view of the people of my world. I'm thinking of writing "Day in the Life" stories about the following topics.

  1. Create a cast of characters, dramatis personae, who live around the Zone and center them in the stories.
  2. What do the Days of the Week feel like for the Personae?
  3. How do they feel about the big celebrations? Anamas, Celebration of Children, the Benediction of the Heavenly Council.
  4. Theme: Day in the Life, POV
  5. Inspiration: Greek choruses, the ordinary people in the recent A.X.E.: Judgment Day event from Marvel Comics.

Organization & Clean Up

This is a good opportunity to do some maintenance on my site! Lots of uncategorized articles to arrange and a good time to think about my tagging. In general, I'm very happy with the categorization system I've cobbled together over the past few years!

Organizing Characters

As I'm going through my articles, I'm finding lots and lots of character articles and I'm not quite sure how to arrange them! We'll see where I land. Possibilities include:

  • Putting all of them in the Personæ category and then adding sub-categories
  • Alphabetical Tagging
  • Putting characters under location/organization as relevant.
  • Creating an index and then making that the Personae category page

After I wrote that, I definitely went in and took the entire afternoon/evening to categorize all my uncategorized articles. I also went through and tagged/indexed all my characters! Check them out on the Personae page!

Kitoypoy World Ember 2022 Winner Certificate by World Anvil

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Making Things Pretty

Playing Around with CSS

I am defintely not lacking in ideas for using CSS to spruce up my page. I just need the brain space to think about how I want to employ them.

In the past I've definitely gone "CSS First/Content Last" and I need to watch that. But you can do so many cool things with a bit of CSS!

Days of the Week








Fully Utilizing Image Resources

I've put a lot of time and resources into developing a library of images from a variety of sources that I can use. I'd prefer to commssion artists for everything I use, but until Wizard's Peak is paying for itself, I'm only one person! So I use a combination of commissions, stock images, character/dungeon generators, and AI image generators.

My favorite new thing to do is to composite them all together. I've been loving the results!

I've been generating images in Midjourney and editing them in Photoshop. MJ eyes can get wonky, so I use neural filters in PS to fix them.

by Chris L - Midjourney
Laela's Organic Bowls by Chris L

I've been making full use of the ability to import HeroForge figures into Dungeon Alchemist dungeons.


Stubs To Work On

Player Characters






Artifacts, Items, & Vehicles


Articles under WorldEmber 2022

Cover image: WorldEmber 2022 Header by Chris L - Midjourney


Please Login in order to comment!
Nov 27, 2022 01:06 by E. Christopher Clark

Good luck, my friend! And hey, if you need any help with short stories and advice or inspiration or whatever, let me know. Short stories are my speciality.

Now it's time for the awkward wave.
Nov 27, 2022 04:39 by Chris L

I'll take you up on that! Thanks for the offer!

Learn about the World of Wizard's Peak and check out my award winning article about the Ghost Boy of Kirinal!

Nov 27, 2022 10:21 by Annie Stein

I love the idea of day in a life articles! I'm excited to see what they'll be like. Best of luck this worldember!

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Nov 27, 2022 14:33 by Chris L

I have lots of ideas, fingers crossed that I can follow through! Thank you!

Learn about the World of Wizard's Peak and check out my award winning article about the Ghost Boy of Kirinal!

Nov 29, 2022 21:01 by Andrew Belenkiy aka Teyvill Dost

The amount of those stubs seems to be immesurable! Good luck and please, don't burn out!

Nov 29, 2022 22:09 by Chris L

Thanks! A lot of these only need a few paragraphs that have been rattling around in my head for years!

Learn about the World of Wizard's Peak and check out my award winning article about the Ghost Boy of Kirinal!

Nov 29, 2022 22:07 by Ellysium

What a great idea! Sounds like you've got some serious worldbuilding planned out here, looking forward to reading these! Good luck!

WorldEmber is COMING! Check out my pledge for WorldEmber 2022 here!
Nov 29, 2022 22:10 by Chris L

Thank you! I'm really looking forward to it this year!

Learn about the World of Wizard's Peak and check out my award winning article about the Ghost Boy of Kirinal!

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