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Thayan Armada

The might of the Thayan Armada dwarfs the combined power of all the other skyship navies of the Zone. However, they barely have the numbers to man their ships and fortresses. The elven people still haven't recovered from the tragedy of the First Armada. They rely on their druidic partners for the manpower they need.

I know we live in a touchy-feel world of new alliances, shared responsibilities, concordance... Blah blah blah! I trust the elven brass less than I trust my colon after eating sprouted rat. Those enlisted elves though, they fight hard and party harder! I'll lift my flagon next to a rank and file elf any night!

The alliance of the world's elven nations, along with their druidic allies, came together after the death of the moon goddess to form the Thayan Vindicator alliance. Their miliatry arm, the Thayan Armada flis an overpowering force of Telperion Skyships harvested from Taur na Cair.

Millenia past, before the Age of Mortals, the elves ruled among the starts. For unknwon reasons, they returned to the world of Erathia and gave up their empire among the stars. They planted their ships, essentially living plants, in groves deep in their woods. The vessels sat untouched for thousands of years, dormant but still spaceworthy.

After the Night of the Shattered Moon, the elves recovered their ships and prepared to avenge their lost goddess. An army of a million elves flew to the Shattered Moon full of hubris, relying on their numbers and the power of their ships. Every single elf died in the tragedy of The First Armada.

The elves eventually aligned with the other mortal races and found the will to fight again. They helped the world to successfully win the War Against the Far Realm. They took their rightful place in the Concordance for Survival and were assigned the southwest Canton of the Zone as their responsibility.

Planetary Military Systems

The Armada's has forces throughout western Krosia, the Zone and the Shattered Moon. From the fortress of Tol Acharn and the great tree of Menelost Telperion, the remants of the elves, and their druidic allies, field a grand armada of skyships more powerful than the rest of the Zone's forces combined. They have dozens of Telperion Skyships available for them at any time. They use them to maintain their base on the moon Sarch na Thaya and the great tree Lokorn. That setup mirrors their base in the Zone.

At Tol Acharn on the Pit Wall, the Armada maintains a militia of 4000 elves, half-elves, drow, gnomes, humans, halflings, genasi, and other mortals. They keep similar numbers at the Great Trees and in each of their national bases.

The skyship armada travels constantly, keeping a lifeflow of supplies, materiel, and troops going between all of their interests around the world and on the Shattered Moon.

Thayan Armada at Tol Acharn by Chris L - Heroforge

Aymer on Shore Leave

When I'm in Menelost Telperion, I stay as far away from the Telperion Academy and the Sky Fortress as possible! You can find me in Silver Shadow Grove with a hex crystal microphone in one hand and a Nazzy Bain in the other! I love the karaoke bars in the Grove and they love me! I never win any of the contests, but the crowds still love me!

I work hard on the Barrow Shard. When I'm at the Great Silver Tree, I party harder. Although I have no official duties here, the Academy has tapped me as the unofficial guide for the Mad God's Gamble! I get to take the starlings out before their first flight, get them nice and drunk, and get some balut in them!

-Lt. Aymer Ulalen, Thayan Armada
Aymer Singing Karaoke at Menelost Telperion by Chris L - Heroforge

Tol Acharn & Menelost Telperion

The elves and druids maintain a strong presence in the Southeastern Canton of the Zone that they're responsible for. From the outside, the Vindicator's slice looks wild and overgrown with forests. In actuality, the forest canopy conceals the comings and goings of the Armada's growing forces.

Everyone knows that there are fewer elves after the tragedy of the First Armada. They are making up the numbers of elves with the Entulesse breeding program. They supplement those numbers by recruiting heavily among half-elves, genasi, gnomes, and their trusted human allies.

They have sworn to never be caught off guard again and they are using their resources in the Zone to ensure that. The canopy of the Anomalous Forest hides their true numbers. Their control of the Locks on the Kirinal River and their Telperion Skyships alllows them to move their populace in secret.

Aymer on Duty

The second I step aboard the HMSS Oberon I abandon my casual dirtside attitude. In the skies, the Moon, and among the Shards of Thaya, I am an officer I have no noble blood to lift me up. I earned my rank in the Armada through hard work and the shed blood and ichor of my enemies.

I made officer from the ranks of the enlisted based on the strength of my sword arm and the power of my spell songs. The noble born officers resent acknowledging me as an equal, but my commission was signed by Cabron Elf-King, just like theirs. They can all go fuck themselves.

-Lt. Ulalen, Bladesinger
Aymer on Duty at Lokorn by Chris L - Heroforge

Sarch na Thaya & Lokorn

The Vindicators claim the Shattered Moon as their protectorate. Without ships capable of making the trip, no other Erathian powers have the capabilities of challenging them. They maintain their main base on the Barrow Shard in the great Sarch at the top of the mighty balete tree, Lokorn. They still hunt the remnants of the Far Realm armies that haunt the shadows and Surface of the Shattered Moon.

With the population of elves depleted, they rely on Rabbitfolk, Shifter, and even Vampire allies to assist them against their aberrant foes. That far from the Kirinal Pit, their Hex Crystal technology does not recharge. They rely on old-fashioned magic, steam technology, and domesticated giant insects to transport themselves and wage war.

They keep a force of 4,000 warriors mounted on giant dragonflies, along with rabbitfolk in moon balloons, and all the magical and technological gear they can bring from the Zone. Every month, when the Shattered Moon is full, the Telperion Skyships at Lokorn fly down to the Zone, and the ships at Menelost Telperion fly up to the Barrow Shard. The soldiers stationed on the moon take a month of leave on the world, and then return to duty on the moon for a month.

Aymer at Home

My life as a career officer leaves me little time for a personal life. My status as a bladesinger and lieutenant in the Armada allows me to delay my duty as a broodmare for the elven race. Unlike many of my sisters, I'm more valuable as a warrior than a womb to repopulate the elven race.

I spend a few weeks in the year at my small home in Eladriel. I planted a home for myself near Valentine's Flag, a small elm that will be mighty one day. In a few centuries, when I retire from the Armada, I plan to pick some dumb hunk and birth my children in the shadow of the Vampire King. I'll pour out some of my Nazzy Bain in his honor and eat a balut for my fallen friends.

-Aymer, Resident of Eladriel
Aymer with a Drink and a Snack at Valentine's Flag by Chris L - Heroforge


Hartshome Forest protectively envelops the Kingdom of Amredhel. The capital city of Eladriel has become a modern metropolis, somewhat to the chagrin of the older elves who cling to the ways of ages past.

The Armada maintains a standing force of a few thousand troops at the Capital. A dozen or so skyships patrol the city and the immediate area aroudn it. They rely on the natural magic and defences of the Hartshome Forest to protect their ancient homeland.

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Parent Formation

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