For most of its history, Erathia was a world like many others. It was a world with many types of mortals: humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, and a smattering of other types of folk. They had the typical assortment of gods: some born from the world's primal energies, some born from the faith of mortals, and some who were shadows of divine beings from other planes.

They knew that they weren't alone, that a multiverse of other worlds similart to theirs existed. Travel and traffic with other dimensions was rare and sporadic, the purview of the mightiest or the unlucky.

Then one day a mighty war, like the struggles and conflicts on other worlds, made Erathia a world unlike any other. The final battle of the Lichwars destroyed the city of Kirinal and tore a raging hole in reality that encroached on the other planes of the multiverse.

A Hole Between Dimensions

The world of Erathia has become known throughout the multiverse as the home of the Kirinal Pit, a 30-mile wide dimensional disruption that travels manifests on different planes and worlds. The planar phenomenon is barely controlled by the Orrery of Worlds.

Inhabitants of other worlds have come to see the translocation of part of their world to Erathia as a net positive. They get to visit the interdimensional crossroads on Erathia, the Kirinal Concordance Zone, without ever leaving their homes. They engage in trade, study in the great halls of learning of the Zone, and travel back to their home dimensions in a mostly orderly fashion.

Geography of Erathia

Erathia is composed of two great mega-continents, Krosia and Yuchao. It also contains two smaller continents and several subcontinents. There are three great oceans and many smaller seas spread out amongst the world.

Map of Erathia

Erathia Icosahedral


  • Erathia Icosahedral
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The World
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