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A country of serious arcanophobes. It used to be part of the nation of Kiris, which was ruled by necromancers and had a nasty habit of using its citizens for experiments. The Minarans rebelled and eventually succeeded in their rebellion through the use of an artifact, the Stone of Interdiction, that turned their country into a dead magic zone. Over time, the Stone's power faded and now it only negates magic from the schools of necromancy and evocation.

Witch Hunters

Minaran witch hunters have some spell-casting ability, pretty much limited to abjuration and divination spells. Regulators of the anti-magic laws The elite of Minaran society Respected and feared - +4 bonus to Intimidate, Diplomacy, and Gather Information in Minara


Explodes within 20 feet of evocation spells and/or effects. In the absence of evocation magic, Minara is the only country that has developed firearms. They have the equivalent of early 19th century firearms tech. The rest of the world is capable of building Renaissance-era equivalent firearms


In Minara, any use of magic is heavily regulated. This includes: arcane, divine, ki and psi If you are an unauthorized spellcaster in Minara, you can expect a visit from a gun-toting, counter-spelling witch-hunter. Magical effects are duplicated in Minara through the "science" of artificers. 
  • Some magic-users masquerade as artificers
Children with magical talent have four choices
  • Become a cleric
  • Become a witch hunter
  • Become an artificer
  • Exile
  • Death
Punishment for offenses is as follows
  1. First offense: 10,000 gp fine or 6 months service or 1 year imprisonment
  2. Second offense: 5 years of service or 10 years of imprisonment
  3. Third offense: Death
Service usually involves working with the witch hunters

Death to witches

Geopolitical, Country
Government System

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