Carl Malmström, Patriarch of the Sun

Patriarch Carl Malmström

The Patriarch of the Sun, Carl Malmström is a human from the Grand Duchy of Molndal and the leader of the Church of the Sun & Moon. It is more than 200 years since the Gods withdrew from the world and he has never spoken directly to Rampol. He came to power when the gods sent quiet whispers and feelings to their followers. They haven't directly communicated in Carl's lifetime.

In recent years, a few gods have made themselves known in the world through their avatars: Malfador through Xeno, the chaos demon goddess Ashaya the Mischievous, and Thaya herself turned down resurrection instead empowering the new god Jenevieive of the Silversong Moon.

The warlock of Rampol, Apolaki has no formal role in the Church of the Sun & Moon except for sending random ident-a-hedron messages to the Patriarch and other church leaders.

Now Rampol has reemerged as a tree on the crystal sphere that surrounds the solar system, far from the sun of which he is the god. The Patriarch fears for his position in this new landscape. As a powerful cleric of the Sun God, he feels the stirrings of power. He doesn't know what to do with it.

During his reign he has done the bidding of the rich and powerful House Molndal. He feels his loyalty getting divided between his worldly patron Duke Verneri Molndal and Rampol, the god he has ostensibly serving all this time.

Three Archons of Rampol, great angels in service of the sun god, have appeared to test the followers of the sun god. They wish to determine the state of the mortal world and report back to their master. They have come to Patriarch Malmström and asked him what should be done.

Carl knows that the Celestial Glutton known as Tamabanakua the Lava Spider desires to eat the sun. He knows that the Wardens of Tambanakua seek Lucius Solara to quiet the hunger of the Spider in the Volcano. The Patriarch tells the Archons that they should seek out Lucius and sacrifice him to Tambanakua to remove the threat to the sun.

Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
210 lbs
Aligned Organization
Patriarch Carl Malmstrom by Chris L - Heroforge

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Character Portrait image: Patriarch Carl Malmstrom by Chris L - Heroforge


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