Talin Islands

The Talin Islands sit in a strategic position in the Talinian Ocean. The archipelago consists of thousands of tropical islands strung east to west just south of the equator. The largest islands come with mountains, volcanos, and a full range of biomes. The smallest barely poke out of the water and vanish at high tide. Trade routes to three continents goes through them, bringing a huge variety of cultures and influences to the Talino islanders.

There's a gastronomic tour of the Talin Islands that I'd love to go on! I'm just scared of the stories me old gramma used to tell me about the islands other name, the Bakunawa's Spine. Those islands have some of the creepiest monsters I've ever heard of and they seem to follow the Talino's wherever they go! If I ever go, I'll make sure that I'm covered in protective runes and agimat!

The archipelago of Talin Islands are a grouping of thousands of islands forming a line running east to west in the Talinian Ocean. It consists of three large islands Barong the Sun Island, Ginunting the Star Island, and Kampilan the Moon Island. There are thousands of islands between them covering a variety of different climate types. Most of the islands are tropical mangroves, but the two largest islands contain significant mountatin ranges and evergreen forests. Many of the islands contain, or are actually made up of, live volcanoes.

The waters between the islands are full of coral reefs teeming with fish. Several types of merfolk and other sentient sea dwellers live in the waters around the islands. They have trading agreements and live mostly in harmony with their surface dwelling neighbors.

Short History of the Islands

Prior to Don Talin Mouradian's arrival, there were dozens of tribes and sultanates living on the islands in a state of barely subdued conflict. The invader from the East used their internicine conflicts against them and was able to conquer the Islands in the name of Freal Numor. For convenience's sake, they ruled the disparate islanders as if they were one people.

In the eventual Talino Uprising, the Talinos of the islands used the Sahuagin War to expel both the rapacious shark men and the Numorian conquerors. Since then, the argumentative Islanders have argued over the fact that they are named after their former colonizer. They have grown so used to the name, that they haven't been able to agree on what else to call themselves.

The Three Islands

The main islands are named after types of swords and celestial objects. The sword names are native to the island and the celestial objects reflect the outlook of the inhabitants.

Barong, Island of the Sun

Barong, the largest and westernmost island, is also known as the Island of the Sun. This large landmass includes a protected bay in the center with a large natural harbor that protects the capital city of Los Santos from raiders and tropical storms. The northern part of the island includes mountainous highlands covered with evergreen forest and ancient rice terraces. The mountain people fiercely protect their land and were never conquered by the colonizers who ruled in the lowlands.

The southern part of the island is heavily populated and covered with farms, sugar cane fields, and orchards full of tropical fruit. Fishing villages and small vibrant cities dot the coast.

Ginunting, Islands of the Stars

The central island Ginunting is the smallest of the big three islands and the least mountainous. It's covered with a mixture of farmland, untouched jungle, and mangrove swamps. The scattering of islands between the two larger ones resembles a constellation, giving them the name Islands of the Stars.

Kampilan, Island of the Moon

Kampilan, the second largest island also holds a variety of different biomes. A large mountain range on the western side of the island cuts it in half, making trade much easier along the coast than overland. The mountains are uninhabited by mortals and are rumored to be haunted. They are acknowledged as the homeland of the Aswang Clans.

The mortal sultans provide military support while the babaylans, traditionally female or non-masculine mystics, defend against dark arts and evil spirits. The people here traditionally look to the sea for sustenance. The coasts, roads, and settlements are well protected with wards and agimat, but the deep jungle and dark mountains of the inland are left to the spirits.


Talin Islands

Named for their conqueror, these islands are the home of the Talino people. The islands are also known as the "Bakunawa's Back" and the "Pearl Islands."

They string along the Talinian Ocean just south of the equator and form a natural stopping point between the continents of Krosia and Yuchao.

Localized Phenomena

The Bakunawa's Grave appears in the waters around the Talin Islands more frequently than it does in other parts of the world.

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